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Number of Consumer Ratings: 6

Average Consumer Rating:  2 stars

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Consumer: stephen111   Date: 5/8/2014 1:52:20 AM Consumer Rating: 2 stars
I started with them one year past and entrusted them with possession of my prescriptions. That meant I had to fill and refill with them or go through the problems of a switch. First 2 batches went along well. Then it changed to a circus event whereas nothing could be done correctly. My wife asked me not to re-live it here so I wont. I would encourage you to see who's warming the kettle with them for I sense a new chef to be untrained.

Consumer: folic   Date: 1/2/2014 6:13:11 PM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
Informed me today that my prescription (folic acid which I have previously bought from them) would be delayed with NO PROMISE DATE for future delivery, or I could cancel. And they didn't care about me. I cancelled!!

Consumer: grillsgt47   Date: 10/31/2012 12:44:28 PM Consumer Rating: 4 stars
Been getting Viagra through this site for a few months, with a few refills. Prices are very good. Shipping is as stated in their policy. The Viagra comes from Turkey. It works just as well as the ones I bought from USA pharmacy.

Consumer: Catlover   Date: 10/29/2012 1:47:34 PM Consumer Rating: 1 stars
I had been using this pharmacy for a couple of years without issue. However, last year they sent a faulty batch of medication that was apparently a placebo. It was in a box labelled "GlaxoSmithKline". The medication was Flixotide Inhaler(Generic for Flovent), used for asthma. When I called them to advise that the batch was ineffective and obviously bad, (constant asthma attacks after having none for years), I was told that they would not take it back because it had been too long since they had shipped it....Here's the thing...I had ordered a 360 dose supply(1 year). Since it takes them approximately 6 weeks to ship the order, I order ahead of time, so that I do not run out. By the time I used the bad batch and contacted them, some time had passed, but the expiration date on the medication is July 2013. I was told "tough luck". So I called GlaxoSmithKline and I was told that they DO NOT SELL TO ONLINE PHARMACIES. is MISREPRESENTING their products and sometime selling inferior or possibly dangerous substitutions. Do not take any chances with life threatening conditions.

Consumer: hammer   Date: 10/17/2012 7:00:07 PM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
I ordered a generic Avodart, dutasteride called (Veltride). $52.00. for 100. I ordered on the 4th of Sept. and received on the first of Oct. 16 working days after it was shipped. I was taking another generic and doing fine, Duprost. I started taking the Veltride as directed immediately. Within 7 days I was in trouble and had to return to Duprost. After taking Duprost for 6 days I'm back to normal. VELTRIDE DOES NOT WORK! In this case, you certainly get nothing for what you pay. It is also a tablet instead of a capsule. Stay away from Veltride! The name was not listed on the order, but was on the package when received. Veltride is made in India. A total waste money and time.

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