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Number of Consumer Ratings: 38

Average Consumer Rating:  3 stars

Ratings Key:
  5 stars = Extremely Satisfied
  4 stars= Very Satisfied
  3 stars= Somewhat Satisfied
  2 stars= Somewhat Dissatisfied
  1 stars= Very Dissatisfied
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Consumer: theDRS   Date: 6/15/2015 8:35:20 PM Consumer Rating: 4 stars
Placed my order online and immediately emailed a copy of my prescription. The email confirmation came immediately. I waited for over a week for my order to be processed and my card to be processed but nothing happened. I contacted customer service and they were very responsive and said they were short handed and apologized for the delay. The processed the order and I received the shipment MUCH quicker than I anticipated. No complaints. I would not hesitate to order again.

Consumer: rophe   Date: 2/10/2015 3:28:32 PM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
From my initial telephone contact with this pharmacy I have had a uniformly positive experience. I have been taken care of in a transparent, professional and friendly manner. I wish to mention Todd with whom I have been placing prescription orders, who is largely responsible for my very positive impressions of this company.

Consumer: treezfree   Date: 2/7/2015 5:28:07 AM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I was so impressed with the way your Customer Service agents, Todd and Ashley worked with me to get my order complete. Through no fault of theirs my credit card company kept putting a fraud claim on my card and would not let it run. They worked with me until it was fixed and did so with professionalism and patience. This was the second time I have ordered through your company and because of the quality of service I received I will definitely return. I have been telling my friends about your site and the great service I received and I know they will find it to be more than what they expected. Thank you for hiring such amazing people. In a day when personal involvement is rare your company has been very refreshing. :)

Consumer: paulboca   Date: 12/19/2014 3:02:29 PM Consumer Rating: 3 stars
Getting nervous. Nobody answers their phone. Goes to voice mail and no return call after leaving messages

Consumer: jacknesbit   Date: 9/10/2014 3:06:52 PM Consumer Rating: 4 stars
I am glad there are sources of prescription medicine like available because my country's health care system is so dysfunctional that many drugs & medical procedures are out of reach for common people. Contrary to what my GOV & the drug companies say, I have never had a problem with the quality of the drugs I ordered.

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