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Number of Consumer Ratings: 43

Average Consumer Rating:  3 stars

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  4 stars= Very Satisfied
  3 stars= Somewhat Satisfied
  2 stars= Somewhat Dissatisfied
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Consumer: Musiclady   Date: 12/18/2015 2:23:45 PM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
I ordered a new prescription online from Canadian Prescription Drugstore because it had a high rating on Pharmacy Checker and the lowest price on the prescription I needed. When I received the email confirmation of my order, I was dismayed to learn that my credit card would be processed by a third party international company in China and that I might incur additional foreign transaction fees. This alarmed me, as I did not want my credit card to be processed in China. The email message also said that I could avoid the credit card fees by mailing a check for my prescription instead of using my credit card. I was told to call or email Canadian Prescription Drugstore to accomplish this. I decided I wanted to cancel my order instead. I called and emailed numerous times, and tried the "chat" method and was never able to reach a "live" person. I eventually put a block on my credit card. I will never use this Canadian drug company again!

Consumer: jacknesbit   Date: 9/14/2015 4:40:04 PM Consumer Rating: 4 stars
I received my prescription in a timely manner and at a much better price than I can get from my insurance company's mail order pharmacy. I don't know what I'd do without them. It's unfortunate that I can't afford to get my prescriptions in my own country.

Consumer: jamie   Date: 9/4/2015 2:59:29 PM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I am completely satisfied with all aspects of this company,Todd is my rep. and he is awesome !!! I would highly recommend them!!!

Consumer: Zane   Date: 9/3/2015 12:18:10 PM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I was hesitant at first, but I have been very pleasantly surprised by everything at Canadian Prescription Drugstore! Their web site worked well, which is more than I can say for many online pharmacies. Their pricing was excellent! They offered free shipping for new customers! I was able to communicate with representatives easily via email and phone! I have had an excellent customer experience, and I fully intend to do business with them again in the future!

Consumer: Pete Borow   Date: 8/31/2015 10:13:36 AM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I have been ordering for over 1 year with them and find them easy to work with, informed and helpful.

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