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Number of Consumer Ratings: 64

Average Consumer Rating:  3 stars

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  3 stars= Somewhat Satisfied
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Consumer: worried   Date: 10/26/2014 10:06:34 AM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
I placed an order with a Mastercard and notified that their "Mastercard processor" wasn't working and asked me to provide another credit card or a personal check. Thinking this was a little suspicious, I refused to provide another credit card for fear it would be stolen. The company then stated they would ship without the receipt of my check if I would just provide a copy of my drivers license or passport. This was very concerning to me and I finally just cancelled the order. I too am worried my credit card number will be used by someone else and urge caution.

Consumer: Bernie   Date: 7/11/2014 6:15:43 PM Consumer Rating: 1 stars
For over a year we ordered our prescriptions from Canada Drugs . Com in the last 6 months our credit card information was stolen twice and used for purchases in the United Kingdom. We live in the United States and the only association to the United Kingdom is through Canada Drugs. We will no longer do business with Canada Drugs and warn others to be on watch.

Consumer: Pyewacket2   Date: 4/2/2014 11:24:38 PM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I'm very surprised by rhe comments of customers who were dissatisfied. I've used Canada Drugs on and off for years and have always received great service and never any mix-ups, problems etc. I would say that it is important to check drug prices for several vendors, as Canada Drugs isn't always the cheapest price. And, cheapest isn't always the best drug; I will ONLY buy drugs from Canada or the U.K. I would also caution that if you order anytime around Thanksgiving/Christmas, your order may take as long as one month to arrive - or might not arrive at all due to the overwhelming amount of mail. A free, expedited replacement was on the way for me AFTER one month had elapsed, but that can inconvenience someone. But I had no problem getting that replacement, nor was I in any way hassled.

Consumer: huck   Date: 1/22/2014 5:04:01 AM Consumer Rating: 2 stars
It has been a week since My order and it still hasn't left the Pharmacy_ My , now, faxed prescription has set there for about 14 hrs without being shipped: I required that My meds be shipped/sent to the UK so this was My choice BUT I could have as well ordered them from the far east: Cost (of My med) much more expensive than many US vendors but US online pharmacies don't apparently ship outside the Country

Consumer: Kittak   Date: 11/28/2013 11:56:09 PM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
Used Canada Drugs for 2-3 years w/ no problem. They used to debit my U.S.checking account. The last time I used them, they sent the generic drug instead of the brand name I ordered. They stated that the prescription form i faxed them was correct, that it was their mistake. They gave me the runaround, giving me false information about returning the order to the U.K. from where it had been shipped; that I did not need a customs form and it was very inexpensive. They said they would not reimburse me more than $10 for return postage; the U.S.P.O. stated the charge would be $12.75. Not a big difference, but the money here is not the issue. I am looking for another Canadian Drug Company. Canada Drugs is located in Winnipeg. Health Canada is the equivalant of U.S. FDA.

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