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Number of Consumer Ratings: 22

Average Consumer Rating:  4 stars

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  3 stars= Somewhat Satisfied
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Consumer: Gojibeer   Date: 8/21/2014 8:52:15 AM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I have recommended and helped my friend in China to order medicament from Adv-Care. The experience we got is very positive. My friend and I enjoy the following aspects very much: 1. The customer service was friendly, helpful, and really trying to help customer. 2. The price is very reasonable. 3. The ordering procedure was uncomplicated. 4. The shipping was very quickly. We would like to express our many thanks for your kind service.

Consumer: NorthNV1   Date: 1/7/2013 11:58:41 PM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I was totally satisfied with my first purchase of Premarin from Advcare. Customer service was excellent, emails were timely and helpful, the product was brand name as requested, the cost was about half of what I would pay using my US pharmacy insurance plan, and the prescription was delivered within a week of ordering it.

Consumer: biddy   Date: 8/18/2010 1:12:23 PM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I find the pharmacy staff extremely helpful and polite, and always welcomed with a smile! Nothing is too much trouble for them. my code is 2130 2411 1110 665.

Consumer: noseclip   Date: 2/25/2009 6:22:18 AM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
Very civil and courteous staff

Consumer: stein   Date: 1/30/2009 5:05:18 PM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I am so glad that finally some company is telling American seniors that they can buy their drugs in Canada. I have been doing it for some time now thru the internet. There are also free 800 numbers to call. Just go to google and type in Canadian Pharmacies where many will be listed. There is also a way to check on the reliability of those listed. I must always send by e-mail or fax a prescription and the cost of several of my drugs is much cheaper than here in the U.S. In addition, one of the costliest drugs is Lipitor which patent will run out in the US for another 1 1/2 yrs.but Pfizer has already bought another pharmaceutical company preparing for the patent loss of their biggest drug. The generic is already available in Europe and I order it thru Canada and it arrives from the UK. with a cost 1/3 less than the cost in the U.S. Hooray for ADV CARE, whoever you are

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