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Number of Consumer Ratings: 6

Average Consumer Rating:  1 stars

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Consumer: chas   Date: 10/16/2016 1:29:54 AM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
I do not know why this company is on your list. I do not think they want to do business worldwide. They asked me to send my prescription as well as my drivers licence. They then told me there was no guarantee I would receive my order also the shipping cost would be $50 US dollars. This would bring the total cost to $81 making the drugs far more expensive than my local Pharmacy. I feel this company is a scam.

Consumer: McGuffrey   Date: 12/7/2015 7:15:31 PM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
the worst online experience I have ever had. Started with cashing my check and sending no confirmation. "our emails with .net don't work". Then after waiting 30 days I called and discovered they had never processed the order. They apologized reluctantly for not sending it but couldn't offer any explanation. Then they would not fill the prescription because of a technicality, but offered no assistance except to charge me more. When I gave up and asked for a refund, they said they would receive it within 7-10 days. Two weeks later I had received nothing and called again. They had no explanation except to "apologize" Finally I did receive my refund and was amazed that the check did not bounce. It was however sent in a non business envelope, hand written the wrong street address. At least they were consistent. In retrospect I found many similar reviews on the internet.

Consumer: anebt   Date: 5/3/2014 12:31:21 PM Consumer Rating: 2 stars
It didn't take long for them to run out of a certain medication and back order it. It's been more than 3 weeks since I've paid. Supposedly they have a pharmacy in India, even though they don't list an Indian pharmacy on their web site. This is my 4th and LAST dealing with them. You never know whether or not the medication will come on time or not.

Consumer: JML1   Date: 11/22/2012 8:53:20 AM Consumer Rating: 1 stars
If you are not in the US or Canada, do not buy from them. I wanted to test them by buying $19 worth of Plavix (Clopidogrel). Two days later they told me that the mail charges were $50 so my total bill is $69 and it would take 16-18 days (I checked 3 days FEDEX guaranteed and it was less than that!). Also, after two days, said they did not accept international credit cards (why didn't they tell me when I was doing the original order?). It seems many customers in the US and Canada are happy with their service, but for anyone outside of these two countries, forget it.

Consumer: 55jupiter   Date: 8/28/2012 9:10:12 PM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
Never buy your drugs from this company. Cashed my check 18 days ago and still don't have medication.. Has been five weeks since order was placed. If you send check, count on greater than a month before you receive medicine. Nothing is their fault and managers are rude. NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I AM CURRENTLY TRYING TO FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST COMPANY WITH CIPA.

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