Compare Drug Prices: Products Beginning with the Letter X

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Drug price comparisons among verified online pharmacies are possible using our search box in the top right corner or by clicking on the alphabetical list below to find your product of interest. Be aware that not all pharmacies list products by the same names, so you may see more than one listing for the product of interest. We recommend that you CHECK PRICES FOR ALL RELATED LISTINGS AS WELL AS FOR BOTH GENERIC AND BRAND VERSIONS WHEN AVAILABLE. Price comparisons for many but not all online pharmacies from our ratings page are provided.

Below are drugs that begin with the letter x.

For your reference, further down the list are alternative names for many of these drugs.

Name   Version   Other Names  
 Xadago  Brand   
 Xalacom  Brand  Latanoprost / Timolol 
 Xalatan  Brand  Latanoprost 
 Xalatan Preservative Free  Brand  Latanoprost 
 Xalkori  Brand   
 Xanax  Brand  Alprazolam 
 Xanax XR  Brand  Alprazolam XR 
 Xarelto  Brand   
 Xatral  Brand   
 Xatral XL  Brand  known as Uroxatral in the U.S. 
 Xeljanz  Brand   
 Xeloda  Brand  Capecitabine 
 Xenazine  Brand  known as Nitoman in the U.S. 
 Xenical  Brand  Orlistat 
 Xeomin  Brand   
 Xerac-ac  Brand   
 Xerese Cream  Brand   
 Xifaxan  Brand  Rifaximin 
 Xifaxanta  Brand  Xifaxan 
 Xigduo  Brand  Dapagliflozin/Metformin 
 Xigduo XR  Brand   
 Xiidra Opthalmic Solution  Brand  Lifitegrast 
 Xodol  Brand   
 Xopenex  Brand  LEVALBUTEROL 
 Xopenex Hfa  Brand  Levalbuterol Tartrate 
 Xtandi  Brand   
 Xylocaine  Brand  Lidocaine 
 Xylocaine Endotrach. Oral  Brand   
 Xylocaine Epineph Inj  Brand   
 Xylocaine Epineph. Inj  Brand   
 Xylocaine ointment  Brand   
 Xylocaine Urethral  Brand   
 Xylocaine Viscous  Brand  Lidocaine HCl Solution 
 Xylocaine Viscous Orl/top  Brand   
 Xylocard Inj  Brand   
 Xyloproct Ointment  Brand   
 Xyzal  Brand  Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride 

Other Names For Drugs That Begin With "x"
 Alprazolam  Generic  Xanax 
 Capecitabine  Generic  Xeloda 
 Latanoprost  Generic  Xalatan 
 Levalbuterol  Generic  Xopenex 
 Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride  Generic  Xyzal 
 Orlistat  Generic  Xenical 
 Rifaximin  Generic  Xifaxan 
 Xifaxanta  Brand  Xifaxan