Do online pharmacies ship Myrbetriq worldwide?

Written by Shivam Patel, PharmD, BSPS, RPh | Posted marzo 05, 2018 | Updated noviembre 26, 2019

Myrbetriq is a prescription medication used to treat an overactive bladder. Many verified online pharmacies listing prices on provide shipping worldwide.

Shipping Myrbetriq

To ensure delivery to your residence, it is best to check with your chosen PharmacyChecker-verified pharmacy before ordering medication. publishes a pharmacy profile for each online pharmacy to provide specifics, such as shipping locations, costs, and payment methods accepted by the pharmacy.

To find the pharmacy profile for an online pharmacy, go the verified pharmacy page. Click on "View Pharmacy Profile" under the pharmacy logo. Patients can also access this information on pricing pages by clicking on the "Details" link under the pharmacy logo.

For more detailed shipping information, consult your chosen pharmacy's website by clicking on the pharmacy's logo. This will direct you to their website, which provides instructions for how to contact the pharmacist to clarify shipping. Some pharmacies will also have a "Live Chat" option so you can get immediate assistance while on the pharmacy's website.

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How much is Myrbetriq?

30 capsules of Myrbetriq 50 mg cost around $435 ($14.50/pill) at a local U.S. pharmacy. You can find a 90-day supply of the same drug through a PharmacyChecker-verified online pharmacy for just $179 ($1.88/pill).

You can save up to 87% on Myrbetriq by shopping at online pharmacies verified by     

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Where is Myrbetriq manufactured?

Myrbetriq is marketed by Astellas Pharma in both the U.S. and Canada. Myrbetriq 25 mg sold in the U.S. is manufactured in either Japan or Ireland.

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