Is there a limit to the amount of medication I can order online?

Written by Gabriel Levitt, MA | Posted agosto 31, 2017 | Updated noviembre 26, 2019

Online pharmacies in the PharmacyChecker Verification Program shipping internationally may dispense up to a three-month supply of a non-controlled substance pursuant to a valid prescription for which the prescriber permits a three-month supply. Canadian and other international pharmacies in our program are prohibited from dispensing controlled substances, as defined by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), to consumers in the U.S.  

U.S. pharmacies are permitted to mail over a three-month supply of non-controlled medication, per the quantity prescribed and state laws; and, if they possess a valid DEA license can sell controlled drugs as well, in compliance with the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Protection Act if done via the internet.

For questions about prescription processing practices and the actual dispensing of prescriptions, your chosen pharmacy needs to be contacted directly. PharmacyChecker's website can help with that! 

To view online pharmacies and compare prices on, enter the name of the medication in the "Compare Drug Prices" box, click on the search icon, then follow the prompts to a list of verified pharmacies that offer it.

After selecting an online pharmacy, simply click on the pharmacy's logo displayed to be directed to the pharmacy's website. 

Pharmacies in the PharmacyChecker Verification Program are also required to provide consumers with access to a pharmacist for consultation. PharmacyChecker Verification Program standards also require that the pharmacy clearly publish a working telephone number and valid mailing address on their website. Most members have a "Contact Us" option on their websites, which typically includes their business hours. Some pharmacies also have a "Live Chat" option allowing you to ask questions while on the pharmacy's website. 

Upon selecting a pharmacy of your choice, you can contact the pharmacy and ask to speak to a pharmacist for information about your specific prescription.

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