What is Prasugrel from India supposed to look like?

Written by Gabriel Levitt, MA | Posted noviembre 02, 2017 | Updated octubre 29, 2021

The best person to answer questions related to your specific prescription is the pharmacist that fills it. They are the drug expert that can provide an accurate description of the dispensed medication. This is true whether you receive your medication at a local U.S. pharmacy or online from an international online pharmacy.

Depending on where you are in the world, prescription medications are packaged differently and may look different. Although the pharmacist is the drug expert, their expertise typically only applies to their community—meaning that a U.S. pharmacist may not be familiar with the packaging or "look" of a prescription medication lawfully-manufactured in another country.

In the U.S., most medications are packaged by the manufacturer in containers with a specific quantity of loose tablets or capsules. Then the pharmacist will dispense the number of pills as prescribed in a vial. This process makes it easy for the pharmacist to become familiar with the "look" of the tablet. However, outside the United States, most drugs are packaged by the manufacturer in a cardboard box containing blister packs, often in strips of 10, sealed within the box by the manufacturer. This is the case with Prasugrel.

Photos of Prasugrel manufactured by MSN Laboratories and marketed by Lupin Ltd. are below:

prasugrel packaging


 prasudoc 10 packaging

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