Why do multiple Canadian pharmacies have the same pharmacist manager and address?

Written by Gabriel Levitt, MA | Posted septiembre 12, 2017 | Updated noviembre 26, 2019

The simple answer is that, in general, licensed pharmacies approved in the PharmacyChecker Verification Program often accept and process orders from multiple PharmacyChecker-approved websites that market and sell prescription drugs. As a result, several PharmacyChecker-approved websites may accurately list the same pharmacist manager and pharmacy address.

Similarly, as part of its marketing strategy, a single management company may administer several websites that market and sell prescription drugs referred to licensed pharmacies for dispensing, which is why several websites may list the same address and dispensing pharmacy information.  

So, what does that mean for the consumer?

Making sure your online pharmacy is verified by a credentialing group like PharmacyChecker is key. And this isn't just our opinion—it is a fact validated by peer-reviewed and independent research.  

The PharmacyChecker Verification Program standards and policies define expectations for each membership type (Pharmacy and Online Pharmacy). PharmacyChecker evaluates pharmacy practice standards as defined by our program standards and policies prior to acceptance into the program. Before we approve an online pharmacy, we review its agreements with pharmacy partners, monitor those relationships and require notification of their changes. In addition, we conduct routine compliance checks that include ensuring dispensing pharmacies hold valid licenses in the jurisdictions where they are located. 

The PharmacyChecker Verification Program standards and policies require that all member online pharmacies only process prescription orders dispensed and shipped from PharmacyChecker-verified licensed pharmacies.

If you want to compare drug prices among these verified online pharmacies, then just type in the name of your prescription medication in the search box located at the top right-hand corner!  

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