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A Growing National Outcry for Lower Prescription Drug Prices
Afro - October 21, 2015 recognized for supporting prescription drug legislation to lower prices domestically and facilitate safe prescription drug importation.
Hillary Clinton Wants to Legalize Prescription Pill Import From Canada
Tech Times - September 29, 2015
Tech Times, in discussing Hillary Clinton's support of legalizing the importation of prescription medications from Canada, and cites as a company that helps consumers evaluate online pharmacies.
The Real Story Behind a $750 Pill -- and How You Can Get It for $6
Huffington Post - HuffPost Healthy Living - September 28, 2015
In the Huffington Post, PharmacyChecker founder, Tod Cooperman, MD, helps consumers make dollars and sense of the Daraprim drama, showing that a $750 pill is only six bucks in the UK!
Buying Medicines Online? 7 Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore - August 13, 2015
Top tech site recommends using PharmacyChecker's list of approved online pharmacies as one of the top ways to stay safe when purchasing medication online. The story also cites PharmacyChecker Blog's analysis on the number of Americans buying medication online.
How You Can Save Money on Your Prescriptions
Fox News - Fox & Friends - August 1, 2015 founder Tod Cooperman, M.D. tells consumers how to save money on meds locally and internationally.
US Patients Turn To Online Pharmacies For Cheap Meds, But Drug Companies Say The Sites Endanger Consumers
International Business Times - May 21, 2015
Medications obtained from pharmacies certified by PharmacyChecker "were half as expensive as the drugs ordered from U.S.-based outlets certified by VIPPS or"
Is It Illegal to Get Your Prescriptions from Canada?
The People's Pharmacy - February 2, 2015
Is it legal to get your prescriptions from Canada? Here’s what the People’s Pharmacy says…
Increase Medicine Price Transparency in Your Hands
Access Our Medicine - January 27, 2015
PharmacyChecker is praised for having "the most user-friendly search engine for comparing prices at online pharmacies." in Access Our Medicine’s guide to the best tools to help consumers lower medical costs.
Lawmakers Look for Ways to Provide Relief for Rising Cost of Generic Drugs New York Times - November 25, 2014
New York Times article about soaring generic drug prices cites’s drug price analysis, noting that PharmacyChecker guides patients in the mail order purchase of medications.
Icann or I Can’t? Internet Agency Clashes with FDA Over Online Sites The Wall Street Journal - October 28, 2014
Internet Governance Regulations Should Not Disadvantage Consumers Seeking Affordable Medications Online.
Inconvenient truths about foreign online pharmacies The Hill - October 8, 2014
PharmacyChecker VP Communicates With Congress via 'The Hill Congress Blog' to Remind Elected Officials that Online Access to Safe and Affordable Imported Medication Is Good for America.
British pharmacy chain launches online drugstore for Maine consumers Bangor Daily News - October 7, 2014
New UK Online Pharmacy Applies to the Verification Program.
Patients cross borders for online deals on medications CNBC - May 23, 2014 noted for giving consumers peace of mind while looking for international online pharmacies.
Maine’s drug importation law does not endorse online pharmacies. Should it? Bangor Daily News - May 9, 2014
Maine passed a good law last year, lifting the state’s ban on personal prescription drug imports from pharmacies in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Our VP, Gabriel Levitt, wrote an op-ed for the Bangor Daily News about the new law and online pharmacies.
Scare Tactics Over Foreign Drugs New York Times - March 24, 2014
In a New York Times Op-Ed, Vice President Gabriel Levitt advocates for Americans who buy affordable medication internationally whose access is threatened by FDA’s and big pharma’s misleading conflation of genuine imported prescription drugs with counterfeits.
Ins, outs of getting meds from overseas - January 16, 2014
If you want to buy your medications overseas safely, recommends as a consumer source for comparing prescription drug prices among certified international pharmacies.
Why is Google Supporting Big Pharma? - January 7, 2014 Vice President Gabriel Levitt published an article in the American University’s Washington College of Law’s blog called to explain how an unlikely industry coalition that includes search engines, payment processors, credit card companies, domain registrars, and mail carriers is undermining online access to safe and affordable medicine in support of big pharma’s agenda.
Be Wary of Stratospheric Increases in Generic Drug Prices The People's Pharmacy - January 6, 2014
The People’s Pharmacy, a champion of the American consumer, recommends to find the lowest prescription drug prices from international online pharmacies.
Pharma Goes to Court to Defend High Prices, Deceptive Marketing Check Up - - December 2, 2013
Pharmaceutical industry expert cites’s pricing data and analysis in an article about pharma’s abuse of the legal system to keep drug prices high and defend its deceptive marketing practices.
Ask Well: Buying Cheaper Drugs Online Well Blog - - October 31, 2013
The New York Times reports that's Verification Program protects consumer information and ensures that its online pharmacy members meet quality standards.
As Drug Costs Rise, Bending the Law Is One Remedy WNYC - The Leonard Lopate Show - October 31, 2013 was recommended on the Leonard Lopate Show to help Americans avoid scam websites when shopping for medication internationally.
The High Cost of Prescription Drugs The New York Times - October 23, 2013
American doctor recommends for finding safe and affordable pharmacies online.
Could Buying Prescriptions by Mail Order Save You Big Bucks? The People's Pharmacy - October 21, 2013 recommended as a source for information on prescription drug price comparisons among certified U.S. and international pharmacies.
The Role of Voluntary Agreements in the U.S. Intellectual Property System United States Congress - September 18, 2013
Gabriel Levitt, vice president of, testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee's Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet subcommittee, urging congress to protect, and do more to encourage, Americans’ access to safe and affordable medication online, while continuing efforts to dismantle dangerous rogue pharmacies. Read our summary of the hearing or view the video coverage.
Up To 77 Percent Of Viagra Bought Online May Be Fake, And Possibly Dangerous, Research Shows Forbes - September 12, 2013's verification program’s online pharmacy members are highlighted for medication safety with a 100% pass rate noted by an independent study.
The Op-Ed: High Drug Prices Are Making Us Sick; Where Are Our Leaders? Pharmalot - September 10, 2013
Read the op-ed written by our vice president, Gabriel Levitt, explaining why high drug prices are literally making Americans sick.
Buying Prescription Drugs Online Without Getting Burned Bloomberg Businessweek - August 2, 2013
Bloomberg Businessweek speaks with online pharmacy experts, including's Gabriel Levitt, about the recently passed legislation in Maine that allows residents to legally and safely import medication from other countries.
Maine Once Again Allows Mail-Order Canadian Drugs To Cut Costs National Public Radio - June 27, 2013
Gabriel Levitt of speaks with NPR about the recently passed bill in Maine that allows residents to import medication, and what it means for many who cannot afford to pay U.S. pharmacy prices.
Counterfeit Drug Dangers: Extent of Problem Debated at Maine Forum The Maine Public Broadcasting Network - June 19, 2013
The Maine Legislature recently voted to allow its residents to order prescription drugs form international pharmacies. Vice President Gabriel Levitt gives his opinion on the measure.
Buying Prescriptions Online & The Honest Apothecary - June 13, 2013
The Honest Apothecary interviews Vice President Gabriel Levitt, finding the truth about the safety and savings offered by legitimate online pharmacies.
Inside the Dangers of Online Pharmacies CBS News - February 8, 2013's price comparisons and verification program pointed out as a reliable resource for consumers looking to save on medications.
Should You Use an Overseas Pharmacy?  Money Talks News - February 1, 2013
Stacy Johnson discusses drug prices in the U.S., the savings available from pharmacies outside the U.S., the FDA's position on personal drug importation, and the role of The report includes an interview with's President, Tod Cooperman, M.D.
Pill Pitfalls: Tips to Make Sure Your Medication is Safe CBS News - May 22, 2012
CBS News drug safety article tells consumers who personally import medication to only use credentialed websites, such as those approved in the Verification Program.
The Wrong Way to Stop Fake Drugs New York Times - April 22, 2012
Lead op-ed in the New York Times calls for helping more Americans safely buy affordable medication online and mentions safety of verified foreign pharmacies. "Foreign versions of drugs can cost roughly half what they do in the United States. For the millions of Americans who are uninsured or underinsured, buying from international, credentialed online pharmacies could provide access to the medicines they need at a price they can afford."
When Buying Drugs Online, First Consider the Source The Wall Street Journal - April 2, 2012
Medicines sold by verified pharmacies are authentic. "'That would lead me to believe these credentialed sites most of the time, if not all of the time, are selling good quality drugs,' says Roger Bate, one of the authors of the study."
How to Cut Your Drug Costs U.S. News and World Report - July 28, 2011
Listed among other effective ways to save money on prescription drugs, the article notes that PharmacyChecker "...compares prices of mail-order pharmacies, and can help you find the lowest posted prices."
Drug Discount: 5 Ways to Save at the Pharmacy U.S. News and World Report - Sept. 2010
"The Pharmacy Checker website provides a useful tool for comparing drug prices among reputable online pharmacies."
10 Things the FDA Will Not Tell You Smart Money - January 31st 2011
"'s an open secret that individuals aren't prosecuted for bringing back legal meds from other countries - so long as they're for personal use... 'Almost all prescription orders personally imported reach the consumer,' says Gabriel Levitt, the vice president of"
Counterfeit Drugs and Internet Smarts The Wall Street Journal - Nov. 2009
"Drugs bought over the Internet showed that as long as the sites were approved by a government agency, like U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or a private credentialing agency like, one runs almost no risk."
Scam Alert - Double Drug Sting  AARP - Jan. 2009
AARP Bulletin recommends to avoid rogue pharmacy scams.
Cut Costs, Not Care Los Angeles Times - Dec. 2008
"Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs advises checking online prices, for U.S. and foreign pharmacies, at"
Canadian Online Pharmacies A Better Deal for Meds - September 20th, 2005
"Eisenberg and his colleagues used an online company,, which evaluates Canadian Internet pharmacies, to find sites that met key safety standards-including proper licensing of the supplying pharmacy and requirements that consumers submit a doctor's prescription."
Run for the Border MarketWatch - July 2004
"If no generic equivalent exists, consider at least peaking over the border. Pharmacy Checker, at, provides free price comparisons between U.S. and Canadian online pharmacies for most medicines "