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FAQ 9: LegitScript: why does it claim PharmacyChecker-approved pharmacies did not require prescriptions?

Why does a company called LegitScript claim that PharmacyChecker-approved Internet pharmacies were selling prescription drugs without a prescription?


LegitScript misrepresents's mission and business practices in a lengthy section on its website. It wrongly implies that supports dangerous online pharmacies because we support the cause of Americans importing lower cost medication for their own use, especially when consumers cannot afford it domestically.


LegitScript is part of an alliance funded by and made up of multinational, pharmaceutical companies and U.S. pharmacy corporations, ones that go to great lengths to dissuade Americans from purchasing safe medication from verified international online pharmacies. Why? Because it hurts their bottom line. After all, when Americans purchase medicine from international pharmacies (where prices can be as much as 90 percent lower than in the U.S.), pharmaceutical companies may be subjected to lower profits. has a proven track record of properly verifying and identifying safe online pharmacies. Unfortunately, LegitScript appears to maliciously imply that PharmacyChecker allows rogue online pharmacies that don't require a prescription in its Verification Program. Many years ago, did in fact approve a handful of online pharmacies that had required a valid prescription but then, unbeknownst to us, conducted a bait and switch, changing their practices. Such companies, under's verification protocol, were terminated from our program.


To learn more about's standards and efforts to protect the public health, please visit our Verification Program information .

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