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Below are drugs that begin with the letter i.

For your reference, further down the list are alternative names for many of these drugs.

Name Version
I-vec plus Brand
Ibandronate Generic
Iberogast Oral Liquid Brand
IBgard Brand
Ibrance Brand
Ibuleve Brand
Ibuprofen Generic
Ibuprofen LIQ GEL Generic
Ibuprofen Non RX Generic
Icar-C Plus Brand
Iclusig Brand
Idamycin I.v. Inj Brand
Idamycin Pfs Brand
Idoxuridine top Generic
Ifosfamide Generic
Ilevro Opthalmic Suspension Brand
Iloperidone Generic
Ilube Eye Drops Brand
Imatinib Generic
Imbruvica Brand
Imdur Brand
Imedeen - Tan Optimiser Brand
Imedeen - Time Perfection Brand
Imedeen Classic Brand
Imedeen Classic - Original Formulation Brand
Imedeen Tan Optimiser Brand
Imedeen Time Perfection Brand
Imipenem/Cilastatin Generic
Imipram Hcl Generic
Imipramine Generic
Imipramine Pamoate Generic
Imiquimod Generic
Imitrex Brand
Imitrex Injection Statdose Kit Brand
Imitrex Nasal Inhaler Brand
Imitrex Prefilled Syringes Brand
Imitrex Statdose Prefilled Syringe Cartridges Brand
Immnue enhancer Generic
Imodium Brand
Imodium Quick Dissolve Brand
Implanon Brand
Imunovir Brand
Imuran Brand
Incivek Brand
Incruse Ellipta Brand
Incruse Ellipta Inhaler Brand
Incurin Brand
Indapamide Generic
Inderal Brand
Inderal LA Brand
Inderal-la Src Brand
Indigo Carmine Generic
Indinavir Generic
Indinavir Sulfate Generic
Indocid Brand
Indocin Brand
Indometacin Generic
Indometacin CR Generic
Indomethacin Generic
Infumorph Brand
Inhibace Brand
Inhibace Plus Brand
Inlyta Brand
Innohep Brand
Innopran XL Brand
Inovelon Brand
Inspiolto Respimat Brand
Inspirease Brand
Inspra Brand
Instillagel Brand
Intal Brand
Intal Inhaler Brand
Intal Inhaler Cfc Free Brand
Integrilin Brand
Intelence Brand
Interceptor Plus Brand
Intuniv Brand
Intuniv XR Brand
Invanz Brand
Invega Generic
Invega Brand
Invega Sustenna PF IM Inj Brand
Invirase Brand
Invokamet Brand
Invokamet XR Brand
Invokana Brand
Iodoflex Brand
Iodosorb Brand
Iodosorb Gel Brand
Iopidine Eyedrops Brand
Ipratropium Generic
Ipratropium Bromide Generic
Ipratropium inh Generic
Ipratropium Inhaler Generic
Ipratropium Solution Generic
Ipratropium/levosalbutamol Generic
Ipravent nas spr inh Generic
Ipraz Brand
Irbesartan Generic
Irbesartan / Hydrochlorothiazide Generic
Iressa Brand
Irinotecan I.v. Inj Brand
Iron Generic
Iron Non RX Generic
Iron Sucrose Generic
Isdn Generic
Isdn sublingual Generic
Isentress Brand
Isentress HD Brand
Ismn Generic
Ismo Brand
Isoniazid Generic
Isoptin Brand
Isoptin SR Brand
Isopto Atropine Eyedrops Brand
Isopto Atropine Oph Brand
Isopto Carpine Eyedrops Brand
Isordil Brand
Isordil CR Brand
Isosorb Din Generic
Isosorb Mono Generic
Isosorbide Generic
Isosorbide Dinitrate Generic
Isosorbide dinitrate/ Hydralazine Generic
Isosorbide Mononitrate Generic
Isosorbide Mononitrate ER Generic
Isosorbide Mononitrate SR Generic
Isotamine Brand
Isoxsuprine Generic
Isoxsuprine Brand
Isoxsuprine HCl Generic
Isradipine Generic
Isradipine Brand
Istalol Brand
Istin Brand
Isuprel Brand
Itopride Hydrochloride Generic
Itraconazole Generic
Ivabradine Generic
Ivermectin Generic
Ivermectin/pyrantel Pamoate Generic
Ivomec Brand
Izba Ophthalmic Solution Generic

Other Names For Drugs That Begin With "i"
Advantage 100 (dogs) Brand
Advantage 18 (cats) Brand
Advantage 20 (dogs) Brand
Advantage 55 (dogs) Brand
Advil Otc Brand
Aldara Brand
Aprovel Brand
Atropine Sulfate Generic
Atrovent Brand
Atrovent Hfa Brand
Atrovent Solution Brand
Avalide Brand
Avapro Brand
Azithioprine Generic
Boniva Brand
Bonviva Brand
Camptosar Brand
Combivent Brand
Copper T Iud 380a Brand
Crixivan Brand
Eplerenone Generic
Ertapenem Generic
Feraheme I.v. Inj Brand
Flexi T 300 Brand
Flexi T Plus 300 Brand
Flexi T Plus 380 Brand
Gefitinib Generic
Gleevec Brand
Heartgard Plus Blue (for dogs 1-25lbs) Brand
Heartgard Plus Brown (for dogs over 50lbs) Brand
Heartgard Plus Green (for dogs 25-50lbs) Brand
Homatropine Hydrobromide Generic
Humalog Brand
Humulin R Brand
I-vec plus Brand
Iberogast Oral Liquid Brand
Ibuprofen Non RX Generic
Idamycin I.v. Inj Brand
Imdur Brand
Indocin Brand
Indometacin CR Generic
Indomethacin Generic
Intal Inhaler Cfc Free Brand
Interceptor Plus Brand
Ipratropium inh Generic
Ipraz Brand
Irbesartan / Hydrochlorothiazide Generic
Iron Non RX Generic
Ismo Brand
Isordil CR Brand
Isosorbide Generic
Isosorbide Mononitrate Generic
Isosorbide Mononitrate ER Generic
Isotamine Brand
Isradipine Brand
Lancora Brand
Lantus Brand
Lantus SoloStar Brand
Load 375 Brand
Loperamide Hydrochloride Generic
Lozide Brand
Lozol Brand
Motrin Brand
Motrin Children/infant Drops Brand
Motrin Childrens Berry Brand
Motrin Childrens Bubblegum Brand
Motrin Childrens Grape Brand
Ninlaro Brand
NovoLog Brand
Novolog Mix 70/30 Brand
Optichamber Brand
Paliperidone ER Generic
Pilocarpine Hydrochloride Generic
Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Generic
Primaxin Brand
Propranolol Generic
Propranolol CR Generic
Propranolol LA Generic
Saquinavir Mesylate Generic
Sporanox Brand
Stiolto Respimat Brand
Sumatriptan Succinate Generic
Tofranil Brand
Tresiba Flex Touch Brand
Vascepa Brand
Xeomin I.m. Brand
Zydelig Brand