— Canadian Pharmacies Working Around Restrictions to Keep Prices Low for Americans

  WHITE PLAINS, NY — March 8, 2004 —, a website that evaluates Canadian and U.S. online and mail-order pharmacies and compares their prices, reported today that Canadian prices on GlaxoSmithKline products have changed little despite supply restrictions imposed by Glaxo on pharmacies selling to Americans. Restrictions by Pfizer in recent months have also failed to impact prices.

In mid-2003, had reported steep increases among Glaxo prices, 22% in U.S. dollars (or a 10% increase after accounting for exchange rate changes), following the commencement of supply restrictions by Glaxo in January of that year. From June through January, however, prices fell by 7% in U.S. dollars despite the continued fall of the U.S. dollar. When adjusted for a 16% drop in the value of the U.S. dollar over last year, the prices of Glaxo products have essentially remained the same as when the supply cuts began. At one pharmacy, for example, the price of the popular Glaxo asthma drug Advair Diskus (60 doses, 250 mcg) had risen to $124.70 in June from only $85.48 in March. By the end of 2003, however, the price was down to $98.39, compared to an average U.S. price of $146.99.

Canadian pharmacy prices on Pfizer products increased 8% since its announcement of supply restrictions in August 2003 — but much of that increase can be attributed to a 7.5% fall in the U.S. dollar over that period.

"Our latest data show that supply restrictions have caused only temporary price increases at targeted pharmacies," said Tod Cooperman, M.D., President of "Within a short period, these pharmacies find other wholesalers and retail pharmacies within Canada willing to sell them product. Even before the current drug re-importation craze, pharmacies have worked together in getting supply as long as they have enough for their own customers."

Last week Pfizer cut off supplies completely to two Canadian wholesalers, the first action of its kind. is monitoring prices to gauge the effect of this action.

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