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— Some Prices Lower than Canadian

  WHITE PLAINS, NY — Wednesday, September 22, 2004 — announced today that an Israeli pharmacy has achieved its highest rating of five checks and consumers can now compare its prices to Canadian, U.S., and other online pharmacies at As in Canada and the U.S., Israel has an advanced system of pharmaceutical regulation and verified the license of the Israeli pharmacy.

With several pharmaceutical companies now restricting supplies to Canadian pharmacies, many Canadian pharmacies now refer orders to foreign pharmacies such as those in Israel and the United Kingdom. Pharmacies in those countries, however, have begun setting up their own websites, marketing directly to Americans. Tod Cooperman, MD, founder and President of, stated, "Americans have become fairly comfortable with Canadian pharmacies, but they should use extra caution when considering pharmacies from other countries. Not all countries have high pharmacy standards and not all companies that sell drugs are licensed pharmacies." He added, "Consumers should look for the seal or do their own research to make sure orders are filled by well regulated, licensed pharmacies." currently provides evaluations of 48 online/mail order pharmacies on its website. also lists prices on its website. Visitors will find that prices on some popular drugs are considerably lower in Israel than even the lowest prices found among Canadian pharmacies. Israeli online pharmacy prices are about 50% lower than the lowest U.S. prices and 6% lower than the lowest Canadian prices. For the cholesterol-lowering drug Zocor (25mg-100 pills) the lowest price charged by a Canadian online pharmacy was $194.40 compared to $121.00 at the Israeli pharmacy, 38% lower than Canada's lowest price and 70% lower than the $407.00 charged by the lowest price U.S. online pharmacy.

However, for some drugs Canada remains less expensive than Israel. For example, the arthritis drug Vioxx (25mg-100 pills) could be found at a Canadian online pharmacy for as little as $120.16 compared to $170 in Israel.

Lowest Drug Prices Online — Examples from U.S., Canada, and Israel
Drug Israeli online pharmacy Lowest-price Canadian online pharmacy Lowest-price U.S. online pharmacy Potential savings over U.S. price
Lipitor (20mg-90 pills)
Zocor (20mg-100 pills)
Vioxx (25mg-pills)
Nexium (30mg-84 pills)

Vice President of, Gabriel Levitt said, "As long as prices remain substantially higher in the U.S. than in other countries, seniors and others who are uninsured or underinsured will search elsewhere for medicine they can afford. More and more countries are entering the market and the savviest consumers, whether buying from Canada, Israel, or generics here at home, will save a lot of money by shopping around and comparing prices."

Visitors to get pharmacy ratings, in-depth pharmacy profiles, and price comparisons on over 1,000 brand name and generic drugs. will soon publish its ratings and information in paperback as's Guide to Low-Cost Canadian and U.S. Pharmacies. The guidebook can be pre-ordered by calling 800-431-1579. is privately held and based in White Plains, New York. It has no ownership in or from companies that sell or distribute pharmacy products. also publishes business-level reports that provide price trends and analyses on Canadian and U.S. pharmacies. To order a PriceTracker report or for private consulting, contact Gabriel Levitt, at (718) 387-4526.