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  WHITE PLAINS, NY — October 26, 2004 —In response to the shortage of flu vaccine in the U.S., conducted an informal survey of Canadian mail order/online pharmacies regarding the availability of flu vaccines for Americans. found:

  • Canadian pharmacies do not sell the flu vaccine to consumers, but some operate affiliated clinics or have physicians that come on-site to administer the vaccine. Two examples, both of which are top-rated pharmacies by (, are:
  •, which operates the International Travel Health & Vaccination Clinic near Vancouver and is giving flu shots to walk-in customers.
  • LePharmacy, in Montreal, has arranged for on-site vaccinations by a physician starting November 1.
  • Consumers should not try to purchase vaccine by mail because the flu vaccine is temperature-sensitive and must be maintained at a temperature of 2-8c during shipping and cannot be frozen.
  • The relatively new nasal spray vaccine, FluMist, manufactured and marketed by MedImmune Vaccines, Inc, is not yet approved in Canada. It, too, has special handling requirements.

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