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December 5th, 2011

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Last Chance To Enroll On Time In Medicare Drug Plans -- Part D Enrollment Ends Wednesday! More>>

Lipitor In Other Countries Still Less Expensive Than Generic Versions Now Sold In U.S. More>>

AARP, The Virginia Post Mention PharmacyChecker.  


Medicare Part D Enrollment Ends December 7th

If you are Medicare eligible and want to enroll in or change your Part D drug plan, the open enrollment period ends this Wednesday, December 7th. If you have Medicare and you do not choose a plan before the 7th, you will face a penalty charge for future Part D premium payments.

To help you make your decision, check out our sister website, to compare plan ratings and costs. 

Share your knowledge! You can also rate your Part D plan to let other Medicare enrollees know your experience.

Generic Lipitor Became Available Last Week, But The Branded Version May Still Be The Best Option For Low Cost

The best-selling drug of all time, Pfizer's cholesterol-lowering Lipitor, is now available as a generic in the United States. However, Americans who do not have pharmacy benefits will find the generic drug price still much higher than Pfizer's brand name drug offered among verified international online pharmacies. If you plan on continuing with the brand version, your best bet may still be to  compare drug prices for brand Lipitor on

For more on this story see our recent press release:

Generic Lipitor Still More Expensive in U.S. than Brand Name Lipitor in Other Countries, According to

AARP Article Recognizes PharmacyChecker as a Safe Source For Affordable Prescription Drugs

A recent AARP article which makes consumers aware of fake DEA agent scams and recommends as a way to stay safe when buying medicine online. 

In covering the issue of personal drug importation from online pharmacies, The Virginia Pilot gives voice to PharmacyChecker's position that rogue online pharmacies can be life threatening, but "properly credentialed international online pharmacies" can be "lifelines" because they help Americans afford prescription medication. 

Find affordable prescription medication by comparing the lowest drug prices from verified online pharmacies at!

Wishing you the best of health,

Gabriel Levitt, Vice President
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