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February 23, 2014
Important News to Help You Afford Medication:

Has Your Medication Been Seized by the Government?

Don't worry! More than a decade of experience has shown that if you order medications online from PharmacyChecker.com approved pharmacies, then you'll receive your order over 99% of the time. However, less than 1% of the time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Customs will seize a prescription order at an international mail facility, which can deprive someone of needed medication.

If your medicine has ever been seized, tell us your story! Email us at yourstories@pharmacychecker.com. We will compile your stories and let your elected leaders know what actually happens when a person's prescription order is taken away from them. Your name will be kept confidential, unless you give us permission to share your name.

Ins, Outs of Getting Meds Overseas, From Philly.com

Due to the great savings available and the fact that many American simply can't afford U.S. pharmacy prices, more American newspapers are writing about getting affordable medication internationally. We're happy to have been mentioned by the Philadelphia Inquirer as resource for Americans looking for safe sources of affordable medication online.

How to Make Sure Your Canadian Pharmacy Order Actually Comes from Canada (If That's What You Want!)

Regulated and properly manufactured medications in many countries are just as safe and effective as those sold in the U.S. Despite this, big pharma has for years been falsely warning about the dangers of ordering from Canadian pharmacies. They used to imply that drugs sold in Canada weren't as safe as the one sold here. Now, big pharma and the FDA are acknowledging Canadian pharmacies as safe, but they still say not to trust Canadian online pharmacies because their drugs might not come from Canada. While some rogue sites pretend to be Canadian and ship bad meds from all over, reputable pharmacy websites based in Canada, including those in our program, partner with safe pharmacies in other countries to help you find affordable medicine.

But if you want your medicine to come from Canadian pharmacies only, here's what you can do!

CVS Smoke Ban

We applaud CVS for its plan to remove tobacco products from all its shelves across the country as of this October 1st. As the pharmacy giant concedes, its move is based on plans to expand in-store health clinics: in many states cigarettes cannot be sold in the same spaces occupied by health services.

CVS' change won't help your prescription savings, however because CVS charges the highest prices for medication, according to Consumer Reports. Learn more here.

Courageous, Outspoken Consumer Needed

Do you want to take a stand for what you believe in? Would you consider working with PharmacyChecker.com to launch an online petition addressed to our nation's health regulators that loudly affirms that Americans should have the greatest freedom to choose how they obtain prescribed medication, including ordering medication internationally; and that actions by the government should never curtail access to safe and affordable medication. If you're interested, let us know by writing to yourstories@pharmacychecker.com.

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