Will drug costs be lower for Medicare Part D in 2016? How can an online pharmacy still help you?
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February 25, 2015
Online Pharmacies Still Helping Americans Find Their Meds...

The number of Americans foregoing prescriptions due to cost dropped 30 % over the past two years. While that is a significant decline, the actual number is still far too high, representing about 35 million Americans between the ages of 19 and 64.

Fortunately, low cost international online pharmacies help millions of Americans access their medication each year or there would be even more going without. For more information on the trends of Americans accessing meds check out "Fewer Americans Skipping Meds due To Cost - International Online Pharmacies and Personal Drug Importation Help"

Good News for Medicare Beneficiaries!

It's no secret drug prices are spiraling to (even more) unaffordable levels. Fortunately, the Obama administration's budget for 2016 is calling on Congress to allow Medicare to negotiate prices on expensive specialty meds. Find more information on the future of drug prices on our blog.

Continuing to Protect the Public Health

For every safe online pharmacy, there may be hundreds of drug-offering websites that are dangerous. Our verification program exists to help you avoid the dangerous ones. More information on how to find safe online pharmacies, and how they help the public health, is available here.

Policy Wonks Interested in Online Pharmacy and Personal Drug Importation - Dive In!

Our vice president Gabe Levitt worked his butt off over the past year to write a major report about the intersection of online pharmacies, personal drug importation, drug affordability, and public health. Gabe refutes an earlier report published by the Government Accountability Office about Internet pharmacies, which basically ignored the existence of safe and affordable international online pharmacies. Hopefully Gabe's new report will help correct the public record! To read the report, click here.

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