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July 22nd, 2012

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Seniors in Medicare Doughnut Hole Skipping Depression Medication More>>

High Drug Prices Make Americans Sicker More>>

Americans Speak Out Against New Law Curbing Personal Drug Importation 


Seniors in Medicare Doughnut Hole Skipping Depression Medication

A new study finds that seniors falling into the Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage gap, or the "doughnut hole," reduced the number of monthly anti-depressant prescriptions they filled by 12.1% compared to those with full coverage. The study also found those in the doughnut hole skipping other medications. While the new healthcare law will offer substantial discounts to seniors and will eventually close the doughnut hole, prices today are still too high. We've made a table showing the savings on popular depression medications listed on

Prices for Three-month Supplies of Popular Anti-Depressants

Drug U.S. Bricks and Mortar Pharmacy* Lowest Listed Price** Savings Over 3 Months
Abilify 10 mg $1,881.99 $332.10 $1,549.89
Cymbalta 30 mg $637.00 $133.20 $503.80
Lexapro 10 mg $351.00 $84.61 $266.40
Average: $956.66 $183.30 $773.36

* Pharmacy in New York City, price collected 7/5/2012
**Price listed on as of 7/5/2012

To compare prices on medication for depression and other conditions, check out our price comparisons on

High Drug Prices Make Americans Sicker

Americans are dying and getting sicker every day because they cannot afford their prescription medications. In our blog report last year, RxSOS, we identified sobering statistics showing that tens of millions of Americans do not take prescription medication because drug prices are too high. Last month we published RxSOS II , a fact page showing the horrific public health effects resulting from Americans not taking their medications because of cost, including 25 million Americans reported getting sicker due to skipping medication because of cost.

It is often medicines for chronic conditions, such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and asthma, which are skipped. To compare prices on necessary medication visit

Americans Speak Out Against New Law Curbing Personal Drug Importation

Despite thousands of messages sent to U.S. senators and President Obama to protest Section 708 of the FDA reauthorization bill, it has now become law. Section 708 could eventually allow the Department of Homeland Security to destroy personally imported medicine valued at $2,500 or less. Fortunately, that is not the case right now and almost all personal drug import orders reach consumers.

Looking on the bright side, the media is starting to focus attention on the dangers of Section 708 as shown in this NBC report out of Minnesota in which Americans express their fears of going without needed medication.

Let the Obama administration know that Americans care about this issue and need access to safe personal drug importation. Send a message to President Obama today!

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Wishing you the best of health,

Gabriel Levitt, Vice President
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