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March 21st, 2013

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U.S. Drug Prices Spike by Double Inflation Rate 


Maine Importation Bill Could Help Lower Drug Prices 

More>> Services Featured on Money Talks News and CBS

Two recent news stories highlight the benefits of online pharmacies, both for your health and your wallet. The first, from CBS News, features Roger Bate, a drug safety expert. Dr. Bate recommends credentialing services, especially the verification program and price comparisons. He also praises the safety record of our verified pharmacies.

In another video, Stacy Johnson, CPA, founder of Money Talks News, raves about our approved pharmacies' prices. Mr. Johnson shows how you can buy medicine abroad for a fraction of what you pay at your local pharmacy. He also presses the FDA to state its policy on buying drugs from Canada and other countries for personal use. Sure enough, according to the FDA, no one has ever gotten into trouble for doing so!

Be sure to view the videos on CBS News or Money Talks News and shop safely today (or whenever you need a refill).

U.S. Drug Prices Spike by Double Inflation Rate

Prescription drug prices in America rose 3.6% during 2012, more than twice the 1.7% inflation rate, according to USA Today. Other healthcare costs increased as well but not as much as prescription drugs.

Because of high drug prices, Americans too often skip their medication, which leads to more sickness and death. Affordable medication goes beyond saving money. Affordable medication means saving lives. If you are having trouble affording medication ask your pharmacist about any savings programs locally, look for drug discount cards or coupons, or consider a safe international online pharmacy.

Maine Importation Bill Could Help Lower Drug Prices

Maine lawmakers are considering legislation that would facilitate access by its residents to lower-cost pharmacies in Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and many other countries. The bill comes in the wake of - and as a response to - Maine Attorney General William Schneider's suspension of drug importation programs last August.

An Act to Ensure Consumer Choice in the Purchase of Prescription Drugs is a simple, yet powerful, piece of legislation that will help public and private employers reduce co-pays and keep money in local economies. Portland, Maine reduced spending by $3.2 million through its importation program; Hardwood Products Company cut $638,000 in healthcare costs. Both programs were shut down by Attorney General Schneider.

We are eagerly awaiting the vote on this bill. If passed, it could greatly facilitate access to lower cost medicine.

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Gabriel Levitt, Vice President
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