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March 22, 2015
Drug Prices Continue To Skyrocket, Up 13% in 2014

New data from Express Scripts found that medication costs surged in 2014, primarily due to expensive specialty medications. Specifically, new hepatitis C meds with costs upwards of $1,000 per pill are driving medication spending. Consumers, health insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers are pushing back. Get the scoop on our blog.

Maine Drug Importation Law Struck Down

A Maine law that facilitated personal drug importation was struck down last month. The reasoning was essentially that federal law trumps state law. For details on what the ramifications of this ruling are for both Mainers and all Americans, read "Foreign Pharmacy Law Struck Dow in Maine Depriving Mainers of Lower Drug Costs but..."

No Prosecution for China Citizen Importing Affordable Meds to Help Cancer Patients

Lu Yong, a Chinese Leukemia patient, discovered he could afford his medication by importing his medication from India. He helped 1,000 other patients import medicine, only to be rewarded with criminal charges! Fortunately, he was let off the hook and was not found guilty of any criminal behavior. We applaud Mr. Lu and the Chinese legal system, in this case, for putting patients first!

Are All Mediations Created Equal? Usually but No! President of PharmacyChecker.com Goes to Washington...

When you take a generic drug does it sometimes not work as well as the brand? If your answer is yes, then you’re not alone. DON’T PANIC. Most generic drugs that are made under Good Manufacturing Practices work well. And generics available in U.S. pharmacies are often very low cost and high quality, no matter where they are made. Drugs made in India for export to poorer countries tend to have more quality problems, though their top line products are world class. What’s a consumer to do? Read up.

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