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November 23, 2014
How Can You Survive Skyrocketing Generic Drug Prices?

Many of us take generic meds purchased from U.S. pharmacies, and some may have noticed their prices going up - sometimes as much as 6,000%! In fact, the increases have been so drastic that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) just held a hearing to find out what is causing them. We are always ecstatic when Congress scrutinizes obscene drug prices in America, but our focus is on what can be done today so that people don't go without needed medications. In his introductory remarks, Sen. Sanders said: "Drug prices in the country are by far the highest in the world." Let's elaborate on that.

First, generic drug prices in the U.S. are generally very low, often lower than in Canada or other advanced countries that are typically known to have much lower brand drug prices than the U.S. We've been reporting about low cost generics since 2003 and we continue to encourage Americans to seek out low cost generics - but sometimes they are unaffordable. We released a new price analysis on PharmacyChecker.com to show that many U.S. generics actually have much lower cost brand name equivalents at foreign pharmacies, including ones verified in our program. We looked at ten generic drugs and found that foreign brand counterparts were on average 87% less expensive. For our full drug price analysis see our press release.

Waiting for Generic Nexium? Don't hold Your Breath

You might remember that generic Nexium was delayed last June. Sadly, its release date is going to be pushed back again. Why? Citing significant safety problems, the FDA revoked marketing approval for generic Nexium from the Indian company that was going to manufacture it.

Finding the best price on Nexium is complicated, as there is prescription strength (40 mg) and an OTC version (20 mg). So which is best for your health and your wallet? We took an in-depth look on our blog, detailing your options for finding Nexium.

FDA Hunting Down the Bad Guys

Despite our frustrations (sometimes bordering on self-righteous indignation), with the FDA's stance on international online pharmacy, they hunt down real bad guys who seriously threaten the public health and have even killed people. You can read more about the FDA's actions in our article, FDA Hunting Down Drug Counterfeiters and Online Pharmacy Bad Guys.

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