Verification Program

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Status: Verified

March 25th, 2019

Type of Site

Actual Pharmacy
An Online Pharmacy has a bricks and mortar pharmacy presence (a walk-in pharmacy). The bricks and mortar pharmacy and the website are one and the same company. See About Online Pharmacies

Pharmacy Intermediary
An Online Pharmacy that does not have a bricks and mortar pharmacy presence. See About Online Pharmacies

Primary Pharmacy PharmacyChecker - Sample Pharmacy
License Number 1111111
Licensing Body New York Board of Pharmacy
Last Verified Jan 23, 2019
Country USA
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Verified Qualifications
Dispenses Through a Licensed Pharmacy

A mark in this category means that the company is either:
A) an Actual Pharmacy (i.e., one that has its own bricks and mortar pharmacy presence) with a verified pharmacy license or
B) a Pharmacy Intermediary (i.e., one that does not have its own bricks and mortar pharmacy) that fills prescriptions only through pharmacies with verified pharmacy licenses.

Financial Information You Send Online is Secure

Guarantee the financial information you provide online is secure using SSL technology (You should see an icon of a lock in the left hand corner of your screen when entering in your credit card information).

Promises Privacy of Your Personal/Medical Information

Company claims in its Web site (or has informed that customers' personal information is not shared with third parties other than to fill orders or to comply with government requirements.

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