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Number of Consumer Ratings: 10

Average Consumer Rating:  2 stars

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  3 stars= Somewhat Satisfied
  2 stars= Somewhat Dissatisfied
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Consumer: healthnut   Date: 9/8/2016 11:08:50 AM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I ordered Crestor 10 milligrams and it was manufactured July 2015 with an expiration of June 2018 received it within about 12 days I guess everything went okay because I mailed everything that was needed very happy thank you

Consumer: mk16   Date: 7/29/2016 7:16:55 PM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
STAY AWAY FROM GLOBALCARERX "CANADIAN" PHARMACY! Their website seems to offer good prices but this seems to be little more than a ruse. The actual experience of placing my very first order went from bad to worse over the span of a week. Ineptitude across the board. False and inaccurate information given to the customer, plus changes were made to my order were made without ever contacting me. Finally i asked for a supervisor - RJ - and he agreed to cancel my order and expunge my information from their system. Would not trust them with the most menial task, certainly not with medication. Zero stars. Would prefer to give them a (minus) -5.

Consumer: notagain   Date: 11/27/2014 7:42:38 PM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
BEWARE using this pharmacy!!!!! My experience with this company is nothing short of being abused by a company once they receive your money. I ordered Cialis so I know within several hours if it is good or not. Unlike a medication you would take for your heart or high cholesterol. I called 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after receiving them and using several of the pills. My life is busy as every ones is, so this was not an issue high on the priority list. The rep I talked with was not nice on the phone and there seemed to be a communication barrier. I asked her what I needed to do and she told me someone would call me back. Several weeks pass and I call them again and they inform me that there are NO comments on my account. What?? I talked with her for 20 minutes, yet no record of the conversation. Then they inform me to take pictures of the meds and box. I sent them and more time goes by. They informed me that the complaint was too old. Their POLICY is 30 days. I was screwed out of only $80. I just wished someone would have warned me......

Consumer: Sherris   Date: 8/14/2014 11:34:06 AM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
Excellent, excellent customer services! I can't say enough about how helpful GlobalCareRX was for me. I had to find a drug that had worked for me, but then was not available in the U.S. Then when I tried to order the first time, the generic of the drug turned out not to be available. I think I talked to or emailed with 10-20 of the GlobalCareRX customer service staff. Everyone was professional, friendly, helpful, and their system was prompting me every step of the way to ensure that my prescription, payment process, etc were correct so they could finish processing my order. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone, everyone who needs or wants to order medication from a Canadian pharmacy.

Consumer: RickL   Date: 1/4/2014 1:09:06 AM Consumer Rating: 4 stars
I don't understand all the negative ratings from GlobalCareRx. I usually use Big Mountain Drugs, but have twice used GlobalCareRx for finasteride 1mg. Besides the great price, I like the fact that they explicitly list the "Sourced From" country and the "Ship From" country for every drug. The second time there were a few minor ordering quirks, but the courteous telephone CS quickly helped me around them.

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