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Number of Consumer Ratings: 50

Average Consumer Rating:  3 stars

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Consumer: JANICEL.G.   Date: 11/3/2016 11:47:59 AM Consumer Rating: 5 stars
I was cautious a few years ago when I made my first order with Canadian Prescription Pharmacy. Ordering prescriptions "internationally" seemed risky, at best. However, my dealings with CPP have been stellar. Yes, a couple of credit card glitches (no fault of CPP but of my credit card company concerned about a foreign charge) that were handled patiently and politely by the Customer Service staff of CPP. In fact, their Customer Services department is one of the best I have encountered in any context! And I am not loose with praises in this regard. Additionally, all prescriptions were filled properly with no errors or concerns. My only complaint is with the pharmacies in the US and drug manufacturers who set prices in the US much higher than other international locations! Bottom line? No need to be worried about using THIS Canadian Pharmacy to fill your US prescriptions.

Consumer: skehm   Date: 11/1/2016 2:36:19 PM Consumer Rating: 5 stars

Consumer: Not happy   Date: 7/14/2016 6:50:46 PM Consumer Rating: 0 stars
After much research, I ordered online with this facility. Not only did they charge my card 2 weeks after the order, they never even shipped my order. I emailed them after 2 more weeks to find out where it was & the reply I received was that there was an 'issue' on their end that they were not aware of & that my order would ship out 'as soon as possible'. After several of my calls to them going directly to voicemail (I did leave message requesting a response that never came) & several emails that were ignored, I am extremely frustrated & disgusted by this facility & cannot believe that this facility was listed as 'verified'.

Consumer: rons   Date: 6/29/2016 12:33:33 PM Consumer Rating: 1 stars
False advertising. They advertize on that they have Januvia 100mg (generic) for $69.00 (that's with shiping) but when you try to click on that choice on their website, the product is "not found". Thiis is a bait and switch tactic that gives these pharmacies a bad reputation.

Consumer: DaveL   Date: 5/10/2016 4:59:06 PM Consumer Rating: 2 stars
I received the first order intact, but very slowly. The first refill took longer and the 2nd refill is already over 60 days late. The two major issues are billing and customer service. First, the company is in China, not Canada and my credit card company rejected the charge to China. So I had to write and scan a check for email. That encountered challenges. However the biggest issue is they do not have any customer service. I called 10-15 times during hours and there was no live person, only "leave a message". So I left 5 or 6 messages with no response...ever. I tried emails to the customer service department,a gain with no response at all, ever.

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