How to Avoid Rogue Online Pharmacies's main mission is to identify safe online pharmacies, not rogue ones! However, the information below will help you understand how rogue online pharmacies are dangerous and characteristics they share so that you will avoid them like the plague. We strongly recommend that you only buy medication from websites that are approved in our Verification Program, other acceptable certifying authorities*, or the websites of your neighborhood pharmacies. That is the best way to avoid a rogue pharmacy website.

For examples of verified online pharmacies, ones approved by, go to Online Pharmacy Ratings and Profiles.

Rogue online pharmacies: 1) do not meet critical pharmacy safety standards, 2) engage in identity theft, 3) commit consumer fraud, and 4) sell you fake, adulterated or otherwise bad medication. Most rogue online pharmacies are known for not requiring a prescription and the worst offenders intentionally sell counterfeit – meaning fake – drugs or substandard medications. For these reasons, rogue online pharmacies are potentially very dangerous to your health and your finances.

One way we often identify rogues is catching those that display a fake Seal. Displaying an unauthorized seal is fraud. We are continually trying to get rogue online pharmacies to remove the fake PharmacyChecker seals. If you see a Seal, click on it and make sure it takes you to a profile that is hosted on a website that has a web address starting with or If it doesn't, then it's a fake seal. Most other online pharmacy verification programs work in the same manner, so CLICK THE SEAL to see if it's authentic.

That spam email in your junk folder that markets a very cheap medication is almost certainly a rogue online pharmacy. Don't click on any links in there! It's in your junk or spam folder for a good reason and if it's not then delete it.

Many rogue online pharmacies pretend they are "Canadian pharmacies" when they have no connection to Canada whatsoever, although even legitimate Canadian online pharmacies fill prescription orders from pharmacies outside of Canada but those ones are safe. (See "So You Want To Buy Cheap Medicine from an Actual Canadian Pharmacy"). Also, a rogue pharmacy website will often have a web address that is nothing like the so-called pharmacy name published on its home page. For example, you might see the web address in the address bar that you see at the top of your browser, but they're calling themselves "Canada Neighborhood Pharmacy."

Below we provide you with examples of 1) common rogue pharmacy names, 2) actual rogue sites and 3) rogues that have been taken down or simply stopped doing business under a certain website. Again, we strongly recommend that you do NOT use these websites.

The companies and websites listed below are considered "rogue" for at least one of the following reasons:

Rogue companies and websites often publish the following names to fool customers about who they are:

The rogues listed below were active as of August 6, 2018:

Rogue reviewers:

Many rogue online pharmacies are fly-by-night websites that shutdown and then pop back up as a different website. Here are examples of such websites, ones that were inactive as of August 8, 2018:

*The other certifying programs include the VIPPS program of the National Association of Board of Pharmacy (NABP),'s online pharmacy verification program, and the websites of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). In the case of the NABP and LegitScript programs – safe international online pharmacies are wrongly viewed as "rogue" or "unapproved" – we believe due to commercial interests of U.S. pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry funding, and potentially pressure from the FDA, but the programs otherwise appear to validate online pharmacies that are safe to buy from. CIPA's online pharmacy standards are similar to's, and many of their members are also approved in our program – but we can't vouch for those that are not.