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  In addition to PharmacyChecker.com's Verification Program, qualified online pharmacies and their marketing affiliates can gain new customers from listing their sites and drug prices directly on the consumer pages of PharmacyChecker.com. Online pharmacies have benefited immensely from their listings on PharmacyChecker.com's popular website - where thousands of consumers go daily to find the best price on medications from qualified pharmacies worldwide.

PharmacyChecker.com is frequently cited and recommended by popular and well-respected media channels including AARP, CNN, The New York Times, National Public Radio, and the Wall Street Journal.

Pharmacy Listing
Pharmacy listings appear on the Pharmacy Ratings and Profiles page at http://www.pharmacychecker.com/rating.asp. Listings include the pharmacy's logo, complete profile, and other distinguishing features. See a sample profile.

Price Listing
Educated consumers know that the best prices on prescription drugs can be found on the Compare Prices pages of our site. You can list the prices of your prescription drugs right on our price comparison pages in this exceedingly cost-effective lead generation program. Potential customers click directly to your site after finding the price they want on thousands of prescription products. Online pharmacies submit their prices using and XML format. The fee for listing your prices includes a free Pharmacy Listing (described above).

"Get Called" Program
The "Get Called" program puts interested customers directly in touch with your pharmacy by phone! It has been shown that once a person is on the line they are much more likely to become a customer. This program is available with both the pharmacy listing and drug price listing programs.

The Pharmacy Listing, Price Listing, and Get Called programs are fee-based. You can cancel at anytime after an initial three-month listing period. You'll receive monthly click-thru reports and can set spending limits. For more information on these programs, please contact Gabriel Levitt at gabriel.levitt@pharmacyChecker.com.

To participate in the PharmacyChecker.com Listing Programs online pharmacies must first join the Verification Program. For more information on our Listing Programs click here.

PharmacyChecker.com helps you assess the credentials of online pharmacies wishing to advertise with you. Our API Program allows you to automatically check, in real-time, the status, of online pharmacies in PharmacyChecker.com's Verification Program. Custom verification criteria can be applied based on your requirements. For more information contact sealprogram@pharmacychecker.com.

Price Tracker Reports
PC offers a PriceTracker service to report changes in the price of any product or group of products across online pharmacies. Reports are sent by hard-copy or e-mail. Contact services@pharmacychecker.com. To learn more about PriceTracker go to www.pharmacychecker.com/other.asp.

Custom Analyses and Consulting
Parties wishing to engage PharmacyChecker.com's research staff to perform custom analyses or consulting should contact services@pharmacychecker.com.