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Compare prescription drug prices between U.S. and international pharmacy options before you buy medication. By comparing prices on, patients save the most money and don't get burned by rogue websites. On, it's easy to compare drug prices among rigorously verified online pharmacies.

5 Steps to Compare Online Pharmacy Drug Prices

  1. Search for the drug
  2. Select the drug strength
  3. Compare prices by pill or total cost
  4. Click a pharmacy's logo to be directed to their website
  5. Buy your medication from a trustworthy online pharmacy

Drugs That Cost A Lot Less Outside the U.S.

Medication Cost Per Pill or Unit Savings
Brand Name (Strength) USA Outside U.S.
(0.625 mg)
$6.72 $0.18 ** United Kingdom 97%
(100 mg)
$16.59 $0.81 ** Turkey 95%
(5 mg)
$8.06 $1.18 Turkey 95%
Advair Diskus
(3 inhalers)
$1,102.62 $78.95 ** Turkey 93%
(50/1000 mg)
$8.54 $0.63 ** India 93%
Flovent HFA
(3 inhalers, 110 mcg)
$781.00 $59.80 ** United Kingdom 92%
Symbicort Inhaler
(1 inhaler, 160/4.5 mcg)
$334.00 $27.09 ** New Zealand 92%
(10 mg)
$13.14 $1.12 ** Turkey 91%
(100 mg)
$66.50 $6.17 ** New Zealand 91%
(20 mg)
$16.17 $1.68 Turkey 90%
Spiriva Handihaler
(1 pack, 18 mcg)
$398.00 $1.68 ** Turkey 90%
(1 ring, 0.12/0.015 mg)
$168.94 $21.30 Turkey 87%
(5 mg)
$13.56 $3.00 ** Turkey 78%
(200/300 mg)
$63.53 $16.11 ** Turkey 75%
(60 mg)
$10.32 $2.56 Canada 87%
(1 carton, four 50 mg)
$5,008.30 $1,720.00 Canada 66%
Ventolin HFA
(1 inhaler, 18 g of 90 mcg)
$57.00 $22.95 ** United Kingdom 60%

*Sources: Price information collected November 2017; U.S. prices from "average retail price" listed on; Outside U.S. prices are lowest prices listed on from licensed pharmacies that sell to Americans and meet the qualifications of the PharmacyChecker Verification Program 

**Generic version(s) available at lower price(s) than listed here

Product Names

Pharmaceutical companies sometimes market the same drugs under different names in different countries. You may see more than one name for the exact same drug or a different brand or generic version. Our drug price comparisons contain many but not all related drug name listings, for both generic and brand versions.

Verified Online Pharmacy Price Comparisons

You can save thousands of dollars a year by shopping for your prescription medicines online and comparing drug prices. But many online pharmacies are "rogue" meaning they don't do enough to protect patient health. helps you avoid rogue websites. Only verified online pharmacies are allowed to list medication prices on our site. These online pharmacies sell lawfully-manufactured, genuine and regulated medicines from licensed pharmacies in Australia, Canada, India, Mauritius, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and the U.S. Many of the online pharmacies sell medicines worldwide, but some only ship to specific countries and regions.

Local U.S. Pharmacy Price Comparisons

If you're looking for discount cards for medication in the U.S., you can also compare prices at local pharmacies on We identify pharmacies that offer discounted prices when you present a prescription discount coupon.

5 Steps to Print Your Prescription Discount Coupon

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your medication price page.
  2. Click Search U.S. Local Pharmacy Pricing.
  3. Type in your zip code and click View Prices.
  4. Click Print Card.
  5. Take a copy of the card information to your neighborhood pharmacy when you fill your prescription.

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