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Always show this free U.S. Prescription Discount Card to your local pharmacist to instantly get discounts on prescribed medications. Keep it on your phone or in your wallet!

You can use this card to save money on most medications available at local U.S. pharmacies. The U.S. Prescription Discount Card provides Americans with significant discounts at all major chains and most independent pharmacies nationwide.

PharmacyChecker strives to provide comprehensive prescription savings information, which includes discount coupons and cards offered at U.S. pharmacies. However, it is a known problem that pharmacies are not always consistent in honoring these discount cards. That’s why we provide drug price comparisons across borders. If you can’t afford your medication locally, prices on brand-name medicines are often far cheaper at PharmacyChecker-accredited international online pharmacies.

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For use at U.S. pharmacies. This card is active for all prescribed family and pet medications. This card is not insurance and never expires.
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Use this card at U.S. pharmacies to save money on prescription medications.

Instant Discounts on Your Prescription Meds

Save up to 87% off retail prescription drug prices at all major chains and most independent pharmacies nationwide by using the U.S. Prescription Discount Card.


  • Absolutely FREE access to savings
    • And you will always pay the lower of your insurance copay, the cash price or the PharmacyChecker discounted price.
  • Works on all FDA-approved medications
    • Including over-the-counter medications.
  • Never Expires
    • You can use the U.S. Prescription Discount Card again and again at all participating pharmacies, unlike single-use coupons.
  • No enrollment or personal information required
    • The U.S. Prescription Discount Card is always active with no registration to complete, and no setup or subscription fees.
  • Accepted at 67,000+ pharmacies nationwide
    • Including all major retail pharmacies, big box stores, supermarkets, and most independent pharmacies.
  • Works for Pet Medications
    • If your pet has a prescription that has a human equivalent, our program can help.
  • Everyone is eligible
    • No income or age restrictions.
  • Works for insured, uninsured and underinsured
    • Everyone can cut costs with our free card.
  • U.S. & International Price Comparisons all on one website!

Our Mission is to Save You Money

PharmacyChecker is dedicated to empowering individual patients to improve their health and finances. We do this by providing information on how to safely access affordable prescription medications. Prescription drug discount cards and coupons are an important part of drug affordability in the U.S. The same prescription drug at one pharmacy can cost 95% less at another pharmacy in the same town.

Prescription Savings Without Borders

PharmacyChecker is all about comparing drug prices, here at home and abroad! We strive to provide comprehensive savings information that ensures you get the best price on your medications without sacrificing your health and safety. We recommend first comparing prices at local pharmacies using the U.S. Prescription Discount Card before ordering from Canada or other countries internationally. If the prices at your neighborhood pharmacy are out of reach, ordering online is an important alternative. You can do so confidently through international online pharmacies that are verified and monitored through the PharmacyChecker Verification Program.


U.S. Prescription Discount Card Frequently Asked Questions

What if my pharmacy cannot process this card?

This U.S. Prescription Discount Card is powered by IntegrityRx. If your pharmacy is unable or unwilling to process your card, please call 1-800-796-6064 to access IntegrityRx customer support. This card is void where prohibited by law.

Can I use the U.S. Prescription Discount Card in conjunction with my health insurance?

The U.S. Prescription Discount Card cannot be used with your private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or any other program.

SAVINGS TIP: The discount card price may be lower than your insurance copay. Ask your pharmacist if the discount would be cheaper than using insurance. If it is less, ask the pharmacist to use this U.S. Prescription Discount Card instead of your insurance.

What do I do if the local pharmacy price listed on is wrong?

The U.S. Prescription Discount Card is powered by IntegrityRx. While IntegrityRx strives to maintain accurate pricing, drug prices change very frequently. The final price is determined by your local pharmacy. Please call 1-800-796-6064 with any issues. We’re here to help.

Do I need to keep my card after I use it the first time?

To ensure you always get the discounted price, always take your card with you to the pharmacy just in case the pharmacist does not save card information in your profile. We recommend keeping a copy in your wallet or cellphone.

Why is the U.S. Prescription Discount Card free?

PharmacyChecker partners with prescription discount providers who negotiate lower prices directly with pharmacies and then passes the savings directly on to consumers.

For the Pharmacist

This discount card displays a contracted rate based on agreements between your pharmacy or purchasing group and a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). Please use the above BIN, PCN and Group number to adjudicate. The U.S. Prescription Discount Card is powered by IntegrityRx. Please call 1-800-796-6064 for IntegrityRx support.

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