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Savings on Popular Medications Using International Online Pharmacies Prices for a 3-month or 90-day supply of brand-name medications

Drug Local U.S. Pharmacy Price International Online Pharmacy Price International Online Savings Annual Savings
Premarin 0.625 mg $623.70 $15.30 98% $2,433.60
Januvia 100 mg $1,593.90 $72.90 95% $6,084.00
Crestor 10 mg $969.30 $24.30 97% $3,780.00
Advair Diskus 250/50 mcg $1,437.00 $72.93 95% $5,456.28
Spiriva Handihaler 18 mcg $1,430.10 $72.00 95% $5,432.40
Nexium 40 mg $863.10 $18.90 98% $3,376.80
Synthroid 50 mcg $151.20 $13.50 91% $550.80
Xarelto 20 mg $1,560.60 $149.40 90% $5,644.80
Zetia 10 mg $1,260.90 $150.30 88% $597.84
Ventolin HFA 90 mcg $218.31 $68.86 68% $597.84

Prices collected March 2018

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Tod Cooperman, MD

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Shiv Patel, PharmD, BSPS

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We verify international online pharmacies that meet high standards of pharmacy practice by evaluating them in the PharmacyChecker Verification Program. Accredited pharmacies must adhere to laws in the countries where they operate in addition to PharmacyChecker standards.

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  • Requires a Prescription
  • International sales of controlled drugs to the U.S. prohibited
  • Meets website security requirements
  • Publishes customer privacy policy on website
  • Publishes contact information on website for customer service
  • Pharmacist consultation offered to customers
  • Quantities marketed on website restricted to a maximum of 3 months' supply at a time
  • Disclosure of pharmacy location to consumer prior to purchase
  • Marketing claims are truthful and not misleading

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