Patient Assistance Programs

If you cannot afford an expensive medication, pharmaceutical companies, usually those known for brand name drug discovery and marketing, have programs to help consumers afford expensive medications. Some of their programs actually help you with the total cost of your drug, meaning you get it for free, while others cover a portion of costs or just help with a small discount. The programs discussed here are for those living in the United States.

The patient assistance programs often have strict eligibility requirements having to do with your income and are most helpful to those with incomes below $30,000 a year. The programs will not accept everyone. If you cannot afford your prescribed medication, and do not qualify for PAPs then we recommend that you compare prices among accredited online pharmacies and use prescription drug discount cards to find the most affordable option so that you don't go without needed medication. If you think you may qualify for a PAP, we suggest that you visit the website of, a non-profit organization.

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