Are Canadian pharmacies out of atenolol as the US pharmacies are?

Written by Gabriel Levitt, MA | Posted noviembre 12, 2017 | Updated noviembre 26, 2019

Yes, the recent backorder of atenolol distributed by Teva Pharma has affected Canada in addition to the United States. Drug shortages and back orders by manufacturers can adversely affect drug therapy so it is no wonder consumers are concerned. However, in this case, there is some good news.

As a generic version, atenolol is made by various manufacturers worldwide. This should ease the inconvenience of a backorder of one manufacturer by providing alternatives.

Generally, Atenolol can be found in your local pharmacy for as low as $4/month for Atenolol. With shortages, you may find PharmacyChecker-verified online international pharmacies useful.  Online pharmacies in our program currently list various generic manufacturers for atenolol dispensed by licensed pharmacies in Canada as well as other international locations, such as the United Kingdom. You can compare prices for Atenolol 25 mg, Atenolol 50 mg, and Atenolol 100 mg.  

The best person to answer questions related to your specific prescription—including providing information about drug availability especially during times of drug shortages or backorder—is your pharmacist. This is true whether you receive your medication at a local U.S. pharmacy or online from an international online pharmacy.

If you are using our website to search for drug prices from international online pharmacies, you can contact the pharmacist of the online pharmacy of your choice by accessing the pharmacy's website—simply click on the pharmacy's logo. Online pharmacies in our program must provide consumer with access to a pharmacist for consultation and are required to publish a working telephone number and valid mailing address on their website. Most members have a "Contact Us" on their websites, which also typically includes their business hours. Some pharmacies also have a "Live Chat" option allowing you to ask questions while on the pharmacy's website.  

Keep in mind that although drug shortages and backorders by manufacturers should concern the conscious consumer, your pharmacist is a resource who can work with you and your doctor to provide alternatives to decrease the chances that your drug therapy is negatively affected.

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