I am traveling and forgot my medication at home. What can I do?

Written by Gabriel Levitt, MA | Posted Junio 27, 2018 | Updated Diciembre 03, 2020

Forgetting medication while traveling abroad, or even within the U.S., is an inconvenience in the best of circumstances; scary in the worst. Read on to learn your options.

I forgot my meds while traveling within the U.S.

If you use a retail-chain pharmacy in the U.S. and are traveling within the U.S., the same retail-chain pharmacy will be able to either internally transfer your prescription to get it filled in the state you are in or the pharmacist may be able to give you a few pills to hold you over during your travel.

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I forgot my meds while traveling in a foreign country

If you need medication and either don't have a prescription with you, or foreign prescriptions are not honored in the country, you will need to visit a provider to evaluate you and provide a local prescription. That provider can also contact your primary care provider in the U.S., if he or she believes it's necessary.

An option available to those who have purchased travel insurance, would be to contact the assistance service company provided in your insurance policy and request help on receiving your medication out of the country. The travel concierge will be able to make calls to physicians and pharmacies at home and abroad and then guide you on the next steps.

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