Get to Know Jordan Burns, Pharmacy Information and Compliance Manager

Written by Lucia Mueller | Posted abril 18, 2023

Arizona licensed pharmacy technician, Jordan Burns, has spent 15 years in the world of pharmacy, tackling everything from retail pharmacy technician management to leading inpatient pharmacy compliance teams. Now, she takes on managing the verification of online and dispensing pharmacy safety credentials in the PharmacyChecker Verification Program under the direction of Jeffrey Poirier, RPh, Vice President for Pharmacy Verification and Information. Jordan is diving head first into conducting critical audits of pharmacies, ensuring licenses are verified and website marketing claims are truthful, among other high standards of international online pharmacy practice. She will also manage patient-consumer relations here on Ask PharmacyChecker. I asked Jordan a few questions regarding access to affordable prescription drugs and why she’s excited to take part in the increasingly valuable work of PharmacyChecker.

Q: Do you believe that online pharmacies meeting PharmacyChecker Verification Program standards are safe options for people seeking lower-cost medication over the Internet?

A: Yes, I believe pharmacies that meet’s standards are a safe option for people needing to find a source of lower-cost medications. The additions of Inspection Program and Verification Program policies only serve to bolster the integrity and thoroughness of the PharmacyChecker International Pharmacy Verification Program.

Q: Why is PharmacyChecker verification important for patients searching for affordable medication online? 

A: The high safety standard PharmacyChecker has set for international pharmacies to meet through its Verification Program is beneficial for consumers worldwide who choose to search for medications online. The average consumer does not have the knowledge or background to identify rogue online pharmacies; they may simply be looking for a solution to the high cost of their prescription medication or access due to a shortage or unavailability in the country in which they reside. PharmacyChecker vets the online pharmacies and accredits them so the consumer may choose a pharmacy knowing they have met high industry standards. 

Q: What has surprised you since starting to work on online pharmacy verification with PharmacyChecker?

A: This isn’t so much something that surprised me about international online pharmacy verification, but something that surprised me about the global pharmacy world in general. A great deal of the medications that are dispensed in the United States are not sourced (the finished tablets/capsules nor their active ingredients) from the United States. The majority of the United States pharmaceutical drug supply is sourced from all over the world, including from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, India, and Singapore.

Q: What is your advice to patients looking to save money on their medications? 

A: My advice to patients looking to save money on their medications is to always speak with your doctor first. An open and frank conversation with your provider about your medications, why you are on them, how much they cost, alternative therapies, samples, or even manufacturer coupons may lower your out-of-pocket costs. 

If you find yourself facing large medication prices and have exhausted all options locally, PharmacyChecker is always here to provide you with pricing for prescription drug costs both locally (based on your zip code) and at our accredited international pharmacies. 

Q: What are your primary goals in joining the PharmacyChecker team? 

A: The healthcare system in the United States is broken. It is systemically rigged to make the American people sicker and thus reliant on the system. Why is food that isn't genetically engineered more expensive? Why is obesity running rampant, even among our youth? Why is Big Pharma protected? The answers come down to money and power. 

The healthcare engine in America is a cash cow. I have seen too many patients directly impacted by the high cost of medications to not stand up for what I believe is right. Why should a diabetic patient lose their leg in their twenties? The unfortunate answer that I found when speaking to this patient was that she could not afford her insulin. We created an epidemic of obesity by artificially producing our food and subsidizing it with government monies. Then we penalize those that are either predetermined to have obesity markers or cannot afford real food by charging them over $100 for a vial of insulin that, in some cases, will only last 1-2 weeks. 

I am ready to see change. I believe in the mission that PharmacyChecker has started. I am honored to be a part of it.

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