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Below is a listing of our newsletters in chronological order from, with the most recent at the top.

March 2015: Drug Prices Continue to Rise; What a Recent Ruling Means for Prescription Access

February 2015: Good news for Medicare Beneficiaries; Using Online Pharmacies Still Helps

January 2015: Senator Klobuchar Pushing for Lower Drug Prices; Watch out for Fake Meds

December 2014: The Scoop on Generic Prices, VISA, and Part D Bittersweetness

November 2014: Bizarre U.S. Generic Drug Prices?! How the FDA Protects You

October 2014: Avoid Medicare Drug Plan Frustrations; Watch Out for New Rogue Pharmacies

September 2014: Local Residents Give Their Opinions on Affordable Meds; How Might Sovaldi Affect Future Health Coverage?

August 2014: Don’t Be Fooled by New Medicines; Check up On Your Medicare Part D Plan

July 2014: Get Loud About Safe and Affordable Rx

June 2014: Protect Your Access to Medicine; How to Get Around Shortfalls of Obamacare

May 2014: Obamacare Drug Plans Often Fall Short; 21,000 Americans Oppose NABP’s .pharmacy

April 2014: Do Not Let the Government Destroy Your Medication; New York Times Op-Ed on FDA Misinformation

March 2014: Medicare Part D Changes Canceled! Why Are Americans Spending So Much on Meds?

February 2014: Has Your Medication Been Seized by the Government? Speak Up For Access to Affordable Meds

January 2014: Avoid High Cost Generics with Lower Priced Brands; Inadequate Drug Coverage? Help is Here

December 2013: Avoid Getting Blindsided by Drug Prices

November 2013: Prescription Savings News: Medicare Plans, Obamacare, Online Pharmacies

September 2013: Your Access to Affordable Medicine

June 2013: Is it Safe to Order Medication Online?

March 2013: Our Spots on CBS News and Money Talks News; What's Happening in Maine?

December 2012: Stop Paying More for Your Medicine; Be Safe, Not Sorry – Avoid Rogue Online Pharmacies

November 2012: Find the Best Medicare Drug Plan; Don’t be Fooled by the FDA; Online Pharmacies and Social Media

August 2012: Beat High Prices on Skin Medicines; How a Consumer Saves Online; Don’t Be Misled by Industry Group

July 2012: Seniors in Doughnut Hole Skipping Meds; Compare Prescription Drug Prices with

June 2012: Take Action: Don't Let Washington Destroy Your Medications! Fake Adderall Seized by FDA

December 2011: Open Enrollment Ends Wednesday for Medicare Drug Plans; Lipitor Goes Generic

July 2011: Lower Your Drug Costs By Up to 80% with PharmacyChecker's Consumer Guide, Now Also in Spanish