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August 24, 2014
Are You Spending Too Much on New Drugs That You Don't Need?

Contrary to popular belief, new does not always mean better, especially when it comes to prescription drugs. That's true for two reasons: price and safety. Newer drugs usually carry higher prices than older therapeutically equivalent drugs, and it turns out a new study shows that newer drugs might not be as safe as the older ones which you might already be taking! If you want to know whether you might want to look into newer drugs at all, check out our blog post.

The Recent FedEx Indictment Reminds Us: Stay Away from Dangerous Online Pharmacies

FedEx's recent indictment for allegedly "conspiring" with online pharmacies selling controlled drugs illegally is all over the media. It's great a public health reminder that safe online pharmacies, whether based in the U.S. or anywhere else, will never sell a controlled drug (think Valium and Xanax) without a prescription. In fact, non-U.S. online pharmacies in our program are banned from selling controlled drugs at all. You can find safe and affordable online pharmacies at PharmacyChecker.com.

Medicare Part D Plans Help but Leave Much to Be Desired

Millions of seniors are happy with Medicare Part D and have watched their out-of-pocket costs decline since the program was implemented in 2006. Sadly, many seniors are slipping through the cracks, especially those with multiple chronic conditions. The problem includes higher premiums and co-pays, but it also turns out that some seniors are simply on the wrong Medicare Drug Plan. We manage MedicareDrugPlans.com, a website that lets you compare costs and also read reviews of plans. If you feel particularly strongly about your plan then rate it by recommending or warning against it to help fellow Medicare enrollees.

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