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December 20th, 2012

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Stop Paying More for Your Medicine; Prices in the U.S. up 13%, but Lower Abroad More>>

Order Safely - Avoid Rogue Pharmacies More>>

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Stop Paying More for Your Medicine; Prices in the U.S. up 13%, but Lower Abroad

U.S. brand name drug prices are often out of reach for many Americans. But you should not have to pay those high prices. By ordering online, you can now save up to 90% off the cash price, and an average of 85%, on your most expensive medications.

According to a recent Express Scripts report, brand name drug prices have increased 13% from September 2011 to September 2012 — more than six times the rate of inflation. As it becomes harder and harder to afford medicine in the U.S., Americans should not go without needed medication. Safe international online pharmacies are an affordable lifeline.

If you choose to order online, make sure you order from a verified pharmacy, such as those on View our price table below, and learn how to avoid rogue pharmacies.

Safe Savings on Popular Brand Name Drugs (Based on 90-day Supply)

Drug Local Pharmacy Price* International Online Pharmacy Price** International Online Savings Annual Dollar Savings
Nexium (40 mg) — Anti-reflux/ulcer $737.97 $67.50+ 90.85% $2,681.88
Abilify (10 mg) — Antipsychotic $2,213.97 $330.30+ 85.08% $7,534.68
Advair Diskus (250-50 mcg) — Anti-asthma $980.97 $108.00 88.99% $3,491.88
Crestor (20 mg) — Cholesterol Reducer $606.99 $73.80+ 87.84% $2,132.76
Cymbalta (60 mg) — Antidepressant $749.99 $90.90+ 87.88% $2,636.36
Spiriva Handihaler (18 mcg) — COPD $989.87 $164.50 83.38% $3,301.88
Januvia (100 mg) — diabetes maintenance $862.99 $135.90+ 84.25% $2,908.36
Diovan (160 mg) — treats high blood pressure $415.99 $72.00+ 82.69% $1,375.96
Celebrex (200 mg) — pain relief $575.95 $104.00 81.94% $1,887.88
Namenda (10 mg) — treats Alzheimer's disease $986.97 $210.60++ 78.66% $3,105.48
Average $912.18 $135.75 85.16% $3,105.71

*Prices on (11/16/2012)
**Prices at Rite-Aid Pharmacies in New York City (11/16/2012)
+Calculated from price for 84 pills
++Calculated from price for 100 pills

Be Safe, Not Sorry – Avoid Rogue Online Pharmacies

Just because a website advertises itself as a legitimate “Canadian” or other international pharmacy, doesn’t mean that it is safe to order from. “Rogue” pharmacies may be selling counterfeit or substandard medicine and may not require a prescription. To order from a safe online pharmacy, make sure the following are true: (or visit, where we’ve done the work for you)

  • The pharmacy is licensed
  • The pharmacy requires a prescription
  • The pharmacy will not share consumer’s information with third parties
  • Your financial information and personal information is secure
  • The pharmacy has legitimate contact information

Your Experiences! Personal Drug Importation And Online Pharmacies – RxRights Survey Response

Our friends at RxRights recently sent out a survey asking Americans why they choose to import their medicine. The vast majority – 92.8% -- replied that they ordered online because the medicine was cheaper. Almost a third mentioned that they imported medicine that insurance did not cover.

An overwhelming number of respondents replied that they imported medicine for chronic, ongoing conditions. These medications, specifically brand name ones, have incredibly high costs in the United States that are prohibitive as they add up over the year to many thousands of dollars.

We applaud the work of RxRights and their mission to help consumers find affordable drug prices.

Find affordable prescription medication by comparing the lowest drug prices from verified online pharmacies at!

Wishing you the best of health,

Gabriel Levitt, Vice President
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