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January 28, 2014
Senator Klobuchar (D-MN) Introduces Legislation to Help You Afford Your Meds

Last month Senator Amy Klobuchar published a Christmas-themed op-ed, portraying Congress's support of high drug prices as (Ebenezer) Scrooge-like. Rep. Klobuchar is promoting legislation to get lower cost generics to market faster, allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and to expressly allow Americans to import drugs from Canada. We added a fourth holiday wish in there: to update federal law to formally decriminalize (no one has ever "gotten into trouble for") personal prescription drug importation.

For more details read our blog post.

Watch out for Fake Cialis from Rogue Websites

The FDA issued a warning about the popular erectile dysfunction medication Cialis. The counterfeit medication was likely ordered from a rogue online pharmacy, and contained Cialis's active ingredient and the active ingredient in Viagra. The FDA published guidelines on identifying the counterfeit, which you can view here.

We applaud FDA for catching this fake medication and alerting the public, but we also cover where the FDA is off the mark in its public communication on this issue. Find out if Cialis you recently ordered is fake.

Asking the Internet Society to Oppose ".Pharmacy"

We've been writing about the internet top-level domain issue - think ".com," ".net", and ".org" - for almost two years. We're afraid that the current proposal for ".pharmacy" will put corporate interests ahead of those of the consumer. Gabriel Levitt of PharmacyChecker.com recently asked the Internet society, in line with its mission to "make the world a better place" to oppose the current proposal for ".pharmacy". We know that the world would be a better place if everyone had more access to lower cost and safe medicine - read about our opposition to ".pharmacy".

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