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July 2011

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Our 2011 Consumer Guide, Now in Spanish - Our Consumer Guide helps you safely lower costs on prescription drugs using online pharmacies and other safe savings strategies. Now access it in English or Spanish!
Join RxRights - PharmacyChecker has announced support for the consumer advocacy work of, a non-profit coalition dedicated to protecting access to safe and affordable medication, including personal drug importation from reputable online pharmacies.
Generic Drugs on the Way - The patents for some big name drugs will run out soon, and less expensive generics are on their way. 

Consumer Guide  on Affording Prescription Medication Now in English and Spanish

Our 2011 PharmacyChecker Consumer Guide  shows that American consumers can lower costs up to 80% on brand name drugs by shopping at domestic and international online pharmacies. Discover proven and safe strategies to help you better afford brand and generic drugs.

The Guide has now been  translated into Spanish.

Drug affordability should not be a matter of life and death, though too often it is. After you read our no-cost Consumer Guide, make sure you share it with your friends and loved ones who need it. 

Support -- Protect Access to Safe and Affordable Medication

Join and take a stand protecting your access to safe and affordable medication! Federal policies and congressional legislation in the works may result in actions that would make it impossible or difficult for you to buy medication from safe and affordable international online pharmacies, most based in Canada. Through you can easily send an email message to your congressional representatives and to the White House telling them that drug prices are too high in the United States and access to safe personal drug importation through reputable online pharmacies must not be blocked.  Check it out here! is a proud member of, a non-profit group dedicated to protecting your access to safe and affordable online pharmacies. 

Blockbuster Drugs are Losing Their Patent Rights

The "patent cliff" is approaching and consumers will finally some big, brand name drugs more affordable! Because many of the larger pharmaceutical brand name drugs are losing their exclusive patent rights, generic manufacturers will soon be selling low cost alternatives. 

Here are a few of the top selling drugs and their patent expiration dates, as well as their current lowest cost option as found at a verified online pharmacy on Prices will fall further when generics become available:

Lipitor (for Cholesterol) - Goes generic November 2011; $54.00 for 30 pills, 20mg on

Plavix (a blood thinner)  - Goes generic May 2012; $53.86 for 28 pills, 75mg on

Actos (for Diabetes) - Goes generic August 2012; $59.20 for 28 pills, 15mg on

Get affordable prescription medication by comparing the lowest drug prices from verified online pharmacies at!

Wishing you the best of health,

Gabriel Levitt, Vice President
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