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July 20, 2014
Important News to Help You Afford Medication:

Americans and Politicians Voice Concerns Over FDA Import Regs; Bring on the Noise!

Over 2,000 Americans voiced their concerns over proposed FDA regulations that would allow Customs and Border Protection to destroy your imported medication. As one person put it, "The Meds I take daily, are the difference between 'Life and Death'. I cannot afford the higher prices at local pharmacies."

We submitted public comments to the FDA. Some senators are listening!

Get louder! If you are in a similar situation, or know someone who is, keep the pressure on and send a message to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Let her know that you do not want to see any safe and affordable imported medication destroyed and that she's there to protect patients not drug company profits!

To read more about PharmacyChecker.com's position and comments about the regulations, check out our coverage here.

Generic Recalls and Foreign Drug Ambiguity

A recall of the popular beta blocker Toprol XL may force Americans to switch back to the brand, which could hurt their wallets. It's also re-igniting the topic of problems with Indian drug quality, as the recalls were from two Indian companies. Americans questioning the quality of their drugs may also be wondering where there drugs are coming from — and the answer isn't simply the location of the headquarters of the drug company.

To find out how you can find affordable, brand name, Toprol XL, and also get the skinny on where drugs are coming from, check out our blog post.

Hey Healthcare Professionals in PharmacyChecker.com Land!

If you are a doctor, nurse, physician's assistant, or other professional healthcare provider, consumers need your help to protect their access to safe personally imported medications purchased online. If you use PharmacyChecker.com or advise your patients to do so, and are willing to speak up about how helpful it can be, please get in contact with us. Contact our vice president, Gabriel Levitt: gabriel.levitt@pharmacychecker.com.

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