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November 19, 2013
Important News to Help You Afford Medication:

Medicare Enrollees, Find the Best Drug Plan

Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D Drug Plans began three weeks ago, and you have until December 7th to find the best plan for you. We recommend comparing plans and reading reviews on our sister site MedicareDrugPlans.com.

Even if you're happy with your current plan, you should still compare it with others because plans change every year. Did you know that some plans are being discontinued, while others are being combined or merged? In either of those cases, you could end up being transferred to another plan, which may not be best for your specific needs.

If you've used a Medicare drug plan that you liked, hated, or felt mixed about, then please help your peers and rate your plan!

Head over to MedicareDrugPlans.com to compare plans >>

Will You Need an International Online Pharmacy Under Obamacare?

Millions of Americans may continue to find U.S. drug prices out of reach under Obamacare because new insurance plans may not adequately cover prescription costs. While all plans introduced in the new health care exchanges must cover some medications, they may not cover your medications.

Read more about the savings and the new healthcare law in our press release >>

PharmacyChecker.com Recommended in New York Times and Public Radio

The clamor about high drug prices in America is getting louder, and fortunately, some media sources are starting to listen. A recent article by Elisabeth Rosenthal, M.D., in the New York Times tells the stories of Americans who choose to import medication, and highlights why PharmacyChecker.com's services are essential. Public radio's The Leonard Lopate Show featured Ms. Rosenthal and discussed online pharmacies. Mr. Lopate asked her how consumers can avoid online prescription scams and dangerous online pharmacies. She responded, "That's the concern FDA has about allowing imports...So you have to be a little careful about where you buy from. There's something called PharmacyChecker.com, which vets overseas pharmacies, which many people have told me is very useful."

Prescription Drugs: American Made,Cheaper Abroad! 76% Savings

People who go online to buy medication from Canada and other countries sometimes assume the medications are made elsewhere. We looked at fifteen popular brand name medications made in America but sold at unbelievably cheaper prices abroad. We found average savings of 76% when using an online pharmacy verified by PharmacyCheceker.com rather than a pharmacy in New York City

To view the savings details click here >>

PharmacyChecker.com Advocates for Access to Affordable Medicine at Congressional Hearing

Gabriel Levitt, our vice president, gave testimony at a congressional subcommittee hearing last month in order to urge Congress to make sure that private sector actions to clamp down on counterfeits from rogue pharmacies do not affect American's access to safe international online pharmacies.

Read more about Gabe's testimony on our blog >>

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