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September 1, 2013
Important News to Help You Afford Medication:

Order Medication Internationally? Sign a Petition to Protect this Lifeline:

RxRights.org, a consumer advocacy group, has launched a petition to protect your ability to access affordable medication online. Here's the issue: Drug companies and U.S. chain pharmacies don't like you buying medications for lower prices from Canada and other countries. In order to discredit safe international online pharmacies, the drug companies have sponsored an application by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) to control a new top level domain, ".pharmacy." Once approved by NABP, pharmacy websites would end in ".pharmacy", just like how many end in ".com" or ".net" today. However, PharmacyChecker.com-approved online pharmacies based outside the U.S. - ones that Americans have safely ordered from for over a decade - would NOT be eligible for ".pharmacy" domain. That's wrong!

Protect your online access to safe and affordable medication: sign the petition here.

To read more about why their approval would be negative for consumers, read our press release from May.

Maine Passes Law to Facilitate Personal Drug Importation:

Maine has become the first state to expressly legalize personal drug importation. We write "expressly" because it's well-known that Americans buy medications from other countries and are never prosecuted. In fact, many states have had drug importation programs in the past, but the Maine legislation goes farther because government is playing a constructive, rather than obstructive, role in helping Americans access affordable medicine.

Gabriel Levitt, vice president of PharmacyChecker.com, expressed our position on the law to Julie Rovner of NPR, highlighting the needs of millions of Americans who cannot afford to pay steep drug prices here at home.

Read our press release about the law on PharmacyChecker.com.

American Made, Cheaper Abroad: A New Series:

Did you know that pharmacies throughout the world sell prescription medication manufactured in America? In fact, safe international online pharmacies sell medications manufactured in the U.S., but at prices as much as 87% lower than in local U.S. pharmacies. We've been tracking these prices on our blog. Read our introduction blog post, which includes details on Crestor, here.

Read about savings on other American-made meds: Cymbalta, Janumet, Restasis, and Strattera.

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