Newly Approved Generics: Cost and Lack of Availability in the United States

PharmacyChecker has published a white paper concerning newly FDA-approved generic drug cost and lack of availability in the United States

Faster generic drug approvals are often looked to as a key part of the solution to high drug prices. Clearly, the faster a patented drug product faces competition, access to lower cost versions should follow. Yet FDA approval of a generic neither ensures its availability nor affordability. In fact, newly approved generic drugs in the U.S. are sometimes not available on the market for years after their approval; and those that are available can cost over eight times more than the lawfully-manufactured brand versions sold in Canada, and ten times more than those offered in other countries.

Expanding on research conducted by Kaiser Health News, PharmacyChecker conducted price research on 40 generic medications that were approved from 2017-2018 to illustrate cost options American consumers have at the pharmacy counter. The research focuses on price comparisons between U.S. pharmacies and those available to Americans who order medication from accredited pharmacies located in Canada and other countries.  

While it is best that patients and caregivers obtain medicines domestically, international pharmacy options should be considered if the medication is not affordable within the United States.