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What Consumers and Healthcare Professionals Are Saying About PharmacyChecker.com!

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"At our local clinic, we never want to hurt our local hometown pharmacy's business, but if it comes down to a patient being able to afford to take a necessary medication or go without, we choose to help them out by referring them to PharmacyChecker.com." — Paige, RN, BSN, Texas

I have saved 50% or more using the highly rated, cost-effective pharmacies recommended by PharmacyChecker.com
- Jerry - Seattle, Washington
I am quite pleased with PharmacyChecker and do not purchase without checking with you, I particularly like the countries of drug origin and the thoroughness of drug pricing and shipping cost.
- John D., Connecticut
For the past 8 months I have been using an online pharmacy from PharmacyChecker.com to order my father's medications. We have had nothing but success with this pharmacy. He receives his medications in a timely fashion and it saves him a substantial amount of money. Thanks for your service.
- Laura R., Wheaton, Illinois
Online pharmacy turned out to be the only solution for us to afford an (otherwise) expensive prescription for blood pressure medication.
- Sandra W., Salem, Oregon
Just had to tell you that I appreciate very much what you do. You are doing a superb job and providing a wonderful service.
- Judy, New York, New York
Your site is one of a kind, and best at what you do. I use it frequently. Keep up the good work.
- Terry W., Tucson, Arizona
So wonderful to have choices with your company. I live in the US and cannot afford the drugs here. I thank you for the excellent quality, service, safety, but most of all savings. I have recommended you to many and will continue to, as I feel confident they will have the same great experience!
- Marianne H., Greensboro, North Carolina
I am so thankful to have PharmacyChecker.com and check it often now that we are retired and we are so worried about prescription drug prices. We appreciate you having this website.
- Diane, St. Joe, Arkansas
I really love your website. It has saved our family a lot of money over the past couple of years. Drugs are so expensive. We need to find the lowest cost drugs to meet our budget. Thank you for your service.
- John B., Richmond, Indiana
More Testimonials
I was put on Xarelto. After one and half months of my insurance paying for this drug, I could not afford the medication. So I looked online and found PharmacyChecker. I then with a prescription ordered my Xarelto from one of their recommended pharmacies, and paid $348.00 for a three month supply of Xarelto... I’m very pleased and happy with PharmacyChecker and my Canadian pharmacy recommended by them. Without them, I would not be able to take my Xarelto. Thank you for your great service.  – Sheila (consumer) My eye drops cost $175.00 because it is a Tier 3 drug. It lasts less than one month being used once a day. I buy this now from Canada for $14.95 plus shipping. It just seems ludicrous that there is so much difference. Thank you Canada.  – Bill K. (consumer) I have used pharmacychecker for me and my wife drugs we need are very expensive and with no insurance and limited income we could not otherwise afford them it is the research tool I have found thank you so much.  – Larry (consumer)
I have found your information incredibly advantageous, money saving in comparison to other pharmacy prices. I thank you for these announcements and please keep me on your mailing list. thank you.  – Julie (consumer) I looked and looked for a Canadian pharmacy that had the exact brand drug at a better price than I could find in the US and couldn't find one. Thanks to your site I found a great price on the exact brand name drug! Just wanted you to know.  – Robert (consumer) I've shown several doctors PhamacyChecker.com and I know for a fact that they have shared it with many of their patients. They have all thanked me for leading down that path and, in essence, they have thanked you.  – Stephen (consumer)
You have done a great job with this site. It's thorough, quick and runs beautifully. Plus I'm using Canadian vendors and have saved a bunch of money. Thank you.  – Nancy (consumer) I just wanted to pass along my thanks for your website. It helped me make an educated decision on the Canadian pharmacy to choose. I especially found the comments helpful, as ratings and such are helpful -- it's the end users that tell it like it is. So in closing, thank you for your website. Keep up the good work.  – Susan (consumer) Awesome and totally saved me when I had insurance that didn't cover my prescription like it should have. It was really hard for me to find a way to afford the prescription I needed and no one seemed to be able to tell where to even start. I really appreciate the service you provide.  – Lacey (consumer)
Thank you for your newsletter. I applaud your efforts on behalf of patients whose lives depend on reliable pharmacies.  – Steffi (consumer) Thank God for your company...And all of you!!!  – Bill (consumer)