How can patients save money on Tamiflu?

Written by Shivam Patel, PharmD, BSPS, RPh | Posted May 17, 2018 | Updated November 26, 2019

Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is a brand-name antiviral medication that can treat or prevent symptoms of the flu.

In the United States, the current average retail price of ten 75 mg capsules (or one pack) of Tamiflu is around $185. The generic, oseltamivir, is around $100. Even with discounts and coupons available online, the price may still be out of reach for many, especially those without insurance.

The least expensive option may be to purchase Tamiflu (oseltamivir) internationally from a licensed pharmacy in Canada or other country where drug prices are much lower than in the U.S.

The lowest price found when comparing Tamiflu prices among PharmacyChecker-verified international online pharmacies is currently $66.70. That's a 64% savings on brand-name medication.

When comparing Tamiflu prices or its generic version on, you can filter results be comparing "Price Per Unit" or "Total Price." To order your medication, you must click your chosen verified pharmacy's logo and order through its website. If you would rather shop at your local U.S. pharmacy, just scroll to the bottom of each price page and click "Search U.S. Local Pharmacy Pricing." Enter your ZIP Code to find the discounts available in your area. If you find a great deal, just click "Print Card for This Pharmacy" and you are all set to obtain your discount at the pharmacy of your choice.

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Pharmacies in the PharmacyChecker Verification Program may dispense up to a 3-months' (90 day) supply pursuant to a valid prescription. 

Where is Tamiflu made?

Tamiflu strengths sold in the United States is distributed by Genentech, Inc. and appears to be manufactured in Switzerland or the United States by its parent company Roche.

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