Advocate for Online Access to Affordable Medicine

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Advocate for Online Access to Affordable Medicine advocates for maximizing consumer access to the lowest cost, safe and effective medications. We believe that it’s completely unacceptable and unnecessary for tens of millions of Americans to skip filling prescriptions each year because of cost – and yet they do. High drug prices in America are a public health crisis.

Access to affordable medication is a global public health priority and to many people it's considered a human right. We strongly believe that much more can and should be done at the global level to help citizens of developing countries obtain safe and affordable life-saving medicines. According to the World Health Organization, ten million deaths could be prevented by improving access to safe and affordable medication.

Our advocacy focus is – not surprisingly – “online access” to lower-cost medications, which requires an open Internet through which consumers can buy medication from safe international online pharmacies. We are a member of the coalition, which focusses on safe personal drug importation through verified international online pharmacies. We strongly encourage you to join them. They have a following of almost 85,000 Americans. Joining is free and for those of you activist-types it could be fun.

Promoting online access to safe and affordable medication is not a liberal or conservative effort. It’s a non-partisan issue that draws consumers from all sides of the political fence who want to let elected officials know that they are sick of skyrocketing, unaffordable, drug prices.