How can I buy Catapres-TTS patches (for treating high blood pressure) at a lower price?

Written by Tod Cooperman, MD | Posted June 20, 2017 | Updated October 29, 2021

You can find Catapres-TTS patches at a much lower price (over an 80% savings) by taking advantage of the fact that it is sold outside the U.S., by the same company that distributes it in the U.S., at a fraction of the cost. 

Catapres-TTS, the brand name for clonidine transdermal patch — a medication approved for use to treat hypertension — is distributed in the U.S. by a Germany-based pharmaceutical company called Boehringer Ingelheim. A generic version manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals is also available in the U.S.

Catapres-TTS Patch Online Savings

Even with easily accessible discounts available online, a one-month supply (1 box containing 4 weekly patches) of Catapres-TTS has an average cash price of $570 for 0.3mg/day patches, $413 for 0.2 mg/day patches, and $245 for 0.1mg/day patches. Moreover, even though the generic version is available in the U.S., the prices are still out of reach for many — $118 for the 0.3mg/day patches, $82 for the 0.2mg/day patches, and $60 for the 0.1mg/day patches.

Thankfully, Catapres-TTS is sold in other countries at much more reasonable prices. In fact, in New Zealand and Australia, Boehringer Ingelheim (the very same company that distributes in the U.S.) distributes Catapres-TTS at prices far lower than in the United States.

Currently, you can find a box of Catapres-TTS 0.3 mg/day patches sold outside the U.S. for as little as $74 (plus about $10 shipping) from any of the several verified international pharmacies, which dispense the medication from licensed pharmacies. This international, online price is more than an 87% discount off the standard U.S. price for the same strength and package size. 

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Compare Catapres-TTS Patch Prices offers price comparisons for the following Catapres-TTS patches: 

Catapres-TTS Patches 0.1 mg/day

Catapres-TTS Patches 0.2 mg/day

Catapres-TTS Patches 0.3 mg/day knows it is critical not to forgo taking a medication as important as Catapres-TTS due to wallet woes. Many Americans choose to order their prescription medications from outside the U.S. to save money, and, although this is technically prohibited, the FDA has not gone after Americans who seek safe, affordable medication abroad.

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