Where is safe to buy Esbriet (pirfenidone) from Canada online?

Written by Gabriel Levitt, MA | Posted June 12, 2018 | Updated December 03, 2020

Esbriet (pirfenidone) is an expensive medication that can slow the loss of lung function caused from an incurable lung disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, or I.P.F.

The standard dose of Esbriet is 801 mg per day — 3 capsules, each containing 267 mg of the active ingredient, pirfenidone. In the United States, the current average retail price of one capsule of Esbriet 267 mg is around $35. Even with discounts and coupons available online, the daily price tag is still out of reach for many, especially those Americans without insurance. Esbriet's generic (pirfenidone) is still quite expensive in U.S. pharmacies as well.

You can find much lower prices for Esbriet or pirfenidone internationally from a licensed pharmacy in Canada or other country. The lowest price found when comparing Esbriet 267 mg prices among PharmacyChecker-verified international online pharmacies is currently $24.61 per pill. That's a 30% savings on life saving medication. 

Outside the U.S., pirfenidone — the generic — is sold as 200 mg tablets (so 4 tablets would provide a similar dose — 800 mg). In the U.S., the price of each 267 mg brand-name capsule (without any discount) comes out to about $35, while a 200 mg generic tablet—available from outside the U.S.—costs 72 cents. That's 98% savings on life saving medication.

To order your medication, compare prices and find the pharmacy that meets your needs. Then, you must click your chosen verified pharmacy's logo and order through their website. 

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Esbriet Patient Assistance Program

If you cannot afford an expensive medication and still would like to shop inside the United States, some pharmaceutical companies offer programs that cover all or part of the cost of their drugs.

Esbriet Patient Assistance

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Where is Esbriet made?

Esbriet 267mg is manufactured by Genentech in Mexico. Generic Esbriet 200 mg is manufactured by Cipla Limited in India.

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