Rogue Pharmacy Websites

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  The following websites may be unethical or unsafe. None are approved members of the Verification Program. For examples of pharmacy sites approved by, go to Online Pharmacy Ratings and Profiles.

Rouge Online Pharmacy Websites (and aliases): ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Health & Care Mail") ("Toronto Drugstore") ("Canadian Rx Drugs") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Pharmsite" or "Canadian Pharmacy")

Updated April 26, 2011.

Rogue websites that are no longer online:

Rogue online pharmacies often remove their website as the word gets around that they are not legitimate. Here are some that were live but have since gone offline; hopefully for good. (Canadian Pharmacy") ("My Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Meds") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Family Pharmacy") ("Canadian Health Center") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("US Drugstore") ("Canadian Health & Care Mall") ("US Drugstore") ("Canadian Online Pharmacy") ("Canadian Rx Drugs") ("US Drugs") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("US Healthcare, Inc") ("World Pharmacy") ("My Canadian Pharmacy") ("Official Medicines") ("My Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Health & Care Mall") ("My Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy, "Pharm Site") ("Official Medicines") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("World Pharmacy") ("U.S. Healthcare, Inc") ("Drug Store") ("US HealthCare Inc") ("My Canadian Pharmacy") ("US Drugs") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("US Drugs") ("Canadian Rx Drugs") ("My Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Health Care") ("Toronto Pharmacy") ("Toronto Pharmacy") ("Canadian Healthcare") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy") ("Canadian Pharmacy") has found each of the above sites to engage in one or more of the following practices:

  • Pretending to be a licensed Canadian pharmacy, or any licensed pharmacy.
  • Dispensing controlled substances to consumers with prescriptions written by doctors who have never seen them.
  • Stealing people's financial information.
  • Charging a consumer's credit card without ever sending the purchased product (s).
  • Selling drug products that do not come from a regulated business that is authorized to sell prescription products to individuals.
  • Selling prescription drugs, whether real or fake, without requiring a prescription.
  • Not responding to a consumer's email or phone call after they have ordered a product.
  • Providing false contact information.
  • Selling a customer's personal information to third parties without their consent.
  • Publishing fake or unauthorized verification or accreditation seals, such as the or the Better Business Bureau seals.

We have taken action against sites such by requesting that they remove misleading information and we have reported some to the appropriate authorities — but the world wide web is a difficult place to police.We encourage you to report rogue pharmacy websites to us at

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We encourage you to report rogue online pharmacies to us so that we can expose them on this list and help prevent more people from falling victim to fraud. Email us at and share your information.

You can also report a rogue pharmacy website to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration:



On November 12th, 2008, the FDA warned consumers about scammers posing as FDA agents who threaten criminal prosecution against consumers who have purchased prescriptions online from foreign sources. These rogues have their own websites, fake online pharmacies, where people place prescription orders that never arrive. After the orders are placed, consumers get called by people posing as FDA agents, demanding that a fine be paid. FDA agents, or other U.S. government personnel, would not be party to such actions. For more on this story see AARP Bulletin's, "Double Drug Sting" -